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Off the Rack: Seeing Progress at My Local JCPenney Store

JCPenney is making some big changes.

This past Thursday I made a trip to my local Westfield shopping center to make some returns at JCPenney (I had ordered some home decor items online from the Happy Chic collection that just didn't look right once I got them in my house). Anyways, after making my returns, I took a stroll through the store to check out the progress being made, and I have to say things are looking good.

The most noticeable change was the addition of a Sephora boutique - it looked amazing, with gorgeous glossy displays and loud dance music blaring (my mom would hate this, and honestly I had to stay away because my little one had fallen asleep in the Ergo and I couldn't risk having the music wake him up). Another cute new boutique was the Disney section, something I would have walked past previously but now as a mom I had to stop to check things out.

My favorite new section is still the Joe Fresh - love it - and the Levi's section. I also think the JCP basics are worthwhile. I also scoped out the home section for the first time and it looked amazing, especially the Happy Chic display and the Martha Stewart craft section. The only sad thing? The lack of people. I could have crawled under the Jonathan Adler comforter and taken a nap and no one would have even noticed. Ah, sleep...

Have you been tracking the changes at your JCPenney store? Do you like what you see? Still rooting for them? I am!