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Ask BB: Where to Find Affordable and Stylish Nursing Clothes

Stylish and affordable clothes for nursing

Now that you are a nursing mom I was wondering if you could do a piece on affordable nursing- friendly clothes. I'm currently nursing my 4 month old and I'm finding it really challenging to find cute, trendy AND affordable nursing clothes. I love the nursing lines from Seraphine, Boob and Mothers en Vogue but $100 for one shirt, I just can't do. I used to love fashion and now I basically dread getting dressed in the morning. Help! —Mystee

I totally know what you're going through as I've been having the same problems. And not only am I dealing with my changing figure and trying to make clothes fit, but now we're dealing with the changing seasons and finding warm nursing clothes seems impossible!

Here's what's been working for me so far - I'd love to get feedback from other moms as I could use the advice myself.

Ask BB: J.Crew Jeweled Sweatshirt Look for Less

I love the J.Crew embellished sweater (which seems to be sold out) but a $118 price tag is not in my budget. Can you find similar alternatives that give the same look but are cheaper? Thanks! —Liz

This sweatshirt is so popular - I've spotted it on a number of fashion bloggers and even a TV commercial (or two)! It's that perfect blend of casual luxury that resonates with so many women today. Here are some more affordable ways to get this look: