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Off the Rack: Mid-March Highlights at Forever 21

What's new at Forever 21

If you're able to pop into a Forever 21 this week during your lunch break or after work, you'll find tons of great fashions for spring! From festival-chic to 90s-redux, there's something for everyone. You'll also find swimwear for that spring break getaway, activewear for the gym, and NBA apparel to help you support your favorite team. On this trip, I picked up a lightweight navy cotton sweater, a striped terry pullover and a black faux-leather backpack (similar to one I saw at Zara but less). And actually, that's a shopping strategy I often employ when sifting through the mountains of uber-trendy fashions at Forever 21: I ask myself, "Could I see this (pant, top, skirt, dress) at one of my favorite 'grown-up' stores?" If the answer is yes, I know I'm on the right track!

Let me know if anything catches your eye in these photos I snapped!

Spring 2014: Pastel Fashions Under $50

Pastel Pieces Under $50 for Spring

With warm weather inching closer and closer, it's nearly time to make the switch from winter to spring in your closet! Make the change a little easier with an assortment of pastel pieces, like these 7 affordable finds under $50. Soft hues like lavender, blush pink and mint green can easily be paired with each other or with any neutral color, making them a versatile must-have for the season. Springtime, here we come!

Pink Sweater $46.56 / Mint Green Selfie Sweater $24.93 / Pastel Striped Sweater $45 / Coach Tour Dress in Lavender $48 / Pink High Waist Denim $44 / Pastel Blue Clutch $41 / Yellow Flats $15