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Off the Rack: Message Art for Fashionistas at T.J.Maxx

Message art at TJ Maxx - so chic and cheap!

T.J.Maxx is killing it lately with their wide assortment of totally chic and on-trend message art! With fashionista-friendly phrases like "Champagne for breakfast," "Hello, darling!" or "Work it," in colors of gold and white, they're the perfect compliment to a girl's bedroom or walk-in closet (if you're so lucky!) There are also uplifting phrases like "You are my sunshine" (which I realize is borrowed from a somewhat depressing song but it's come to mean something positive in 2015), which would be perfect for a child's room or nursery. And for the social-media obsessed (raises hand) there are simple hashtags in over-the-top glitter like "#Love," or simply "Fabulous." Many pieces would be perfect to give as a Valentine's Day gift, too, but you can keep these up year round for a little motivation and decorative flare. They're especially perfect for decor commitment-phobes such as myself because they're so affordable - most under $20! If you look carefully at each photo you should be able to make out the exact prices. "Pin" these photos to see them enlarged and zoom in!

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