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Decorate by Number: Rustic Eclectic Bedroom

Rustic bedroom

In this weekly column, I'm sharing tips to help you achieve high-style home decor looks—on a budget. This week we're chatting bedrooms. Visit my blog A Vintage Splendor for more inspiration.

My affinity for tranquil and monochrome bedrooms has been well documented here, but I can’t seem to get enough of spaces that exude that feeling of calm we all crave at home. This bedroom’s eclectic decor creates a sense of ease and relaxation within a beautiful white rustic space. It's a nice departure from the more bohemian or super vibrant eclectic rooms that are trending right now, yet still offers enough variety so as not to be boring.

Off the Rack: My Joe Fresh at JCP Clearance Haul

Joe Fresh shopping haul at JCPenney

The little man and I have reached our stride shopping-wise. I let him explore, he lets me shop. The timing couldn't have been better because yesterday I made it to JCPenney to check out the January clearance sales and the prices on Joe Fresh were so low, it was awkward. I bought the 13 pieces shown above for $86.11, with a total savings of $344.03. And actually it would have been lower had I remembered to use my 15% off coupon (there were signs everywhere reminding shoppers but, you know, mommy brain is real). Is it just me or when you forget to use a coupon or something do you dwell on what you could have saved instead of what you actually scored? I think the cashier should have reminded me, but oh well. Now my complaining over $12.14 is getting awkward...