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Target's Summer Shoes and Bags Are Seriously So Good - See 40+ In-Store Pics

Spring accessories at Target are so cute!

There are some days when I go to Target and don't see anything I like (shocking, but true) and then there are days when I fill up my cart with things I simply can't live without. This Mexican-inspired embroidered tote bag?! I need it for the farmer's market! These neon-neutral sandals?! It's the pop of color I've been looking for! A straw fedora?! My hat from last summer is looking kinda shabby, I'll definitely need this, too! And so I wander around, tossing things in my cart and snapping photos of everything I can't carry - like a crazy lady - to share with you guys. Ultimately, I was able to abandon my fully-loaded cart and left with only a Celfie tee and some more slim joggers in black. Credit card catastrophe averted. My apologies to the store employee who had to put everything back on the shelves, but isn't that Target's fault for making so much cute stuff?

Keep reading to browse 40+ photos below...see anything you like?

Spot the Real: Valentino 'Rockstud' Ballerina Flats

Can you spot the real Valentino Rockstud ballerina flats?

You can't blame me for featuring yet another Valentino Rockstud lookalike, especially since you'll need these flats in addition to the heels we featured last week when your outfit calls for something more demure (or your feet just need a break!). The look for less is available in both turquoise blue - perfect for spring and summer - or ivory and sells for $59.95. The "real" costs $729 at I think you ladies know which one's which but click a link below to find out for sure!


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