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We Took the Kohl's Denim Blogger Challenge and Here's How It Went

We review back-to-school denim finds at Kohl's
Nothing frustrates me more than seeing "back-to-school" promotions in early August. Maybe not now as much as I used to since I'm no longer a student, but I am very much open to the idea that this back to school commotion means an excuse to buy new clothes! Particularly jeans...possibly the most loved and hated item by women. My enthusiasm was peaked even more when Kohl's asked me to participate in their Denim Blogger campaign! Usually when I go to Kohl’s, I head straight to the Junior’s section. I realized at 23 years old, it’s probably acceptable for me to actually check out the women’s denim. Especially when the Junior’s jeans are all torn up, faded, and have weird pocket designs that I’m just not down with flashing from my booty. Wandering over to the big girl’s section, I questioned whether this too would be way off my radar (hello, mom jeans), but I was shocked that I actually found as many pairs as I did that I felt flattered me, met my standards for comfort, and actually see myself wearing.

Capsule Wardrobe: Inspired by Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 RTW

Capsule Wardrobe
Hello my capsulistas! It’s time for my favorite time of the week: Fashion capsule overload. After last week’s very fun and cute, Wet Hot American Summer-inspired capsule, I thought that it would be a good time for some gritty fashion. So let’s roll up our (perfectly cuffed) sleeves and dive into these seven outfits I created inspired by the Marc Jacobs’ Fall ’15 ready-to-wear collection. Let’s get started!

Stylish Maternity Fashion Essentials On A Budget

Maternity clothing capsule wardrobe on a budget
Recently I got a question from reader Karen Morgan asking if I could do a post on pregnancy fashion staples, and I loved the idea! Throughout my two pregnancies (I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with baby number 2) I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't - mostly through trial and error. While every woman is different and your needs will vary by season and trimester, I put together this list of essentials that I think will work for every expectant mama. The list includes my favorite sources for affordable maternity clothes, too. Read on for my maternity fashion must-haves...and let me know what's on your list in the comments section below!

Off the Rack: Fall Highlights at Topshop New York (See 20+ In-Store Photos)

Off the Rack: In-Store Pics at Topshop New York
Yesterday I took a quick trip into the city to see my good friend Sydne ( and after a leisurely brunch we did some shopping, of course! I always have to stop at Topshop on Broadway since we don't have a store in Connecticut. But trust me, you're not missing out. Sydne and I both agreed that we actually prefer the selection of Topshop merchandise that's now offered at Nordstrom stores. And you can always shop online! But a trip to the store is informative especially when it comes to fall 2015 trends. Your choices are basically sixties boho or '90s grunge (I didn't bother to photograph the latter because it's just so ubiquitous these days - plaid, destroyed denim, you get the picture).