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Spot the Real: Steve Madden 'Lauuren' Lace Up Bootie

Can you spot the real Steve Madden 'Lauuren' lace up boots?
There's something infinitely cool and romantic about a heeled lace-up boot such as Steve Madden's 'Lauuren,' with their Anthropologie vibe of a modern-day mix of Little House on the Prairie meets Victorian era heroine. Maybe I'm reading too much into these, but they're definitely stylish - and wearable. The Steve Madden pair costs $130 (down from $160) at while the look for less is just $40 (in blue, tan or black)...and might I add it looks great in real life, too. Can you spot the real from the steal? Click a link below to find out!

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Blackout: Vanessa Hudgens' Black Shift Dress and Valentino Rockstud Flats Look for Less

Vanessa Hudgens grabs coffee in a black shift dress, black leather oversized tote bag and Valentino Rockstud flats
If you love wearing all black you're in good company, as Vanessa Hudgens proves in her black shift dress, black oversized tote and Valentino Rockstud flats in the same color. This chic look is perfect for the office on these final hot days of summer and will work equally well this fall. And can you believe the Rockstud knockoffs we found are just $5.99? Get shopping details for this fab find and the entire look for less after the jump...