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Here's My Thakoon for Kohl's Review Complete with Dressing Room Selfies and In-Store Pics

A review of Thakoon for Kohl's
Earlier I shared some photos of celebrities wearing Thakoon for Kohl's, now here's my review complete with dressing room selfies! In many ways I have no business commenting on fit seeing as how I'm 30 weeks pregnant, but I can still comment on the styling and quality. Surprisingly many of the pieces were very flattering as "maternity" tops - I'm not sure that's the kind of endorsement DesigNation is looking for but it's true.

See How Celebs Like Olivia Palermo and Kate Bosworth Wear Thakoon for Kohl's

Olivia Palermo wear Thakoon for Kohl's
The Thakoon for Kohl's collection launched September 10, and this weekend I had a chance to try on some pieces at my local store. I'll be posting my review later today but first, I wanted to share these celebrity images to give you an idea of how the pieces can be styled. Fashion requires imagination, and had you simply seen these piece online or on a rack, you might not give them a second look. But on the likes of Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth and Hilary Rhoda, they definitely take on a new level of chic! Read on to see all three looks - who do you think wore Thakoon for Kohl's best?

Shop Olivia and Hilary's vest here, and Kate's shirt here!