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Off the Rack: Spring Shoes Arrive at Target

Spring shoes at Target
I was back at Target today and noticed a few pairs of spring sandals had made their way onto the shelves. The shoe section at my local store, to be completely honest, is a disaster (and has been for a while now)...there are vast empty areas and then piles of mixed up clearance shoes (only the prices aren't even that great...$18 down from $22? Pass.) I overheard another shopper say to her friend, "I can't deal with this now...let's leave." But then I realized that beneath all the empty shelves were some new spring deliveries that had yet to be opened. So I took it upon myself to pull out one of each pair and photograph it while my toddler tried to escape from the stroller (he did). My first thought was "I can't think about sandals when there's snow on the ground." My second thought was "Didn't they sell this exact sandal last season?" But my third and final compelling thought was, "Yay, spring shoes!" Highlights for me include the Nara lace up flats, Noemi block heels and Catalina slides. The Meredith wedge is back (and it's a Michael Kors dupe, thank you Target Addict for this find), while the Kurin has an Isabel Marant vibe. It's not much but it's something to look forward to! See anything you like?

For your shopping convenience, here are (most) of the shoes shown in this post:

Look for Less: Off the Shoulder Dress

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it might be a good idea to find yourself the perfect red dress. While I'm not one to gush over the cliche Valentine's Day clothes, decorations, etc., I can get behind a nice red dress mostly because it can extend far beyond February 14th. I'm obsessed with this Emilio De La Morena sweetheart, off-the-shoulder dress. The neckline is incredibly flattering and the velvet fabric is extremely opulent. All of these adorable details added with the A-line silhouette, make this red dress the absolute perfect outfit for any date night, whether it's this weekend or not. The River Island dress is very similar in both neckline and silhouette making the vibe nearly identical. I would definitely pair this look with nude heels to ensure that the red of the dress is the bold pop of color. Which would you wear?

Emilio De La Morena Velvet Mini Dress $542


River Island Bardot Skater Dress $80