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Look for Less: Daniel Wellington Watch

The Daniel Wellington 'Classic Sheffield' watch, with it's big open face and minimalistic design, goes with any outfit. You can wear it with a casual outfit or even a fancier look as well. The black and white style is so simple, yet so classic. A good watch is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, even if you don't use a watch for time-keeping. With someone as clumsy as me, however, a nearly $200 watch would be a bad idea. I would not only potentially crack the watch, I would probably lose it as well. That's why finding a look like a Daniel Wellington watch for less is so important. Another really cool thing about the Daniel Wellington watches is they come in so many different varieties, like the 'Classic Southampton' and the 'Classic Glasgow' featured here. These are all so awesome, it's hard to pick just one.

Dollar Bin Diaries: Easter Items at Target

Easter theme items in the dollar bins at Target
Thanks to a post by Target Addict, I learned that Target stores are already displaying some Easter items in their dollar bins as Valentine's Day winds down. I didn't find the table runner or napkin rings she posted (here), but I did discover a few cute items, mostly for kids, like Easter theme stickers and stamps. A few general spring items like striped baskets and painted wood letters would work as Easter decorations, too. I'm hoping this is just a sampling of more to come. Bullseye's Playground, as it's called, is looking really disorganized and messy these days making it impossible to find anything, whether you just need thank you cards or some dino stickers for your toddler.

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