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My First Trip to Primark - A Shopping Review

The Budget Babe gives readers a look inside new fast fashion store Primark, plus a review.
This week I paid my first visit to Primark, an Irish fast fashion chain that's just beginning to open stores stateside. I visited the Danbury, Connecticut location (thanks to a tip from alert Budget Babe reader @booshabear about the store opening), and while I realize this post will be a bit of tease for many of you ( does not have e-commerce yet), it may only be a matter of time before this discount clothing retailer comes to a town near you. So what can you expect when it does? Think fast fashion quality (Forever 21, H&M) in a vast yet highly organized set-up. Rather than multiple styles on a rack, as is the case at Forever 21 or H&M, Primark has fewer styles available in multiple sizes (which is juniors sizing as far as I could tell).

Sophia’s Picks: Summer Beauty Essentials

Team Budget Babe's Sophia shares her summer beauty essentials.
If you're like me, the summer heat makes your hair frizzy and your face oily; two things that are a girl's worst nightmare. Even though I love competing with friends to see who can get the tannest during the summer, I prefer the winter months because that's when my hair and complexion looks its best. I always carry a few products in my tote so that throughout my day I can freshen up without spending hours in front of the mirror. Here are five products that save my life during the summer and that are currently in my tote bag. Number three is my favorite...what’s yours?