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New at Kohl's: K/Lab, On-Trend Fashion for the Millenial

k/lab at Kohl's

While researching the gold-star clearance at this morning, I noticed a brand called K/Lab keep popping up - as a longtime Kohl's shopper, I had a hunch it was a new line, and a Google search confirmed my suspicions. According to, Kohl's in November of 2016 launched K/Lab, "a new in-house label inspired by of-the-moment trends and offered within a three-month turnaround." The article goes on to talk about how Kohl's is using real-time analytics to design the collection, which currently includes pieces like a velvet jumpsuit ($51, down from $68) and a faux fur jacket ($31.20, down from $78). Nothing in the collection is priced above $78.