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Victoria Beckham for Target Review + Dressing Room Photos, Sizing Tips

The Budget Babe reviews Victoria Beckham at Target with dressing room selfies and sizing details.

Well you guys, another day, another Target collab! I checked out the Victoria Beckham launch yesterday and probably posted way too many times on my Instagram Stories, so here's a recap plus some feedback I received from all of you. I love hearing everyone's take. Overall, it seems like people were loving the kids' clothing and having trouble with the fit of the women's collection. I went to my store at 2:30 in the afternoon because I woke up too late to go in the morning and then I got to church and I was like, ooooh right it's Palm Sunday (ie., longest mass ever), so I fully expected most items to be sold out but was hoping there'd be some stuff left - and sure enough, there was still plenty to choose from.