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Spot the Real: Self Portrait Lace Dress

Can you guess which is the real Self Portrait lace dress?
If you've fallen in love with the luxe lace creations of Self Portrait but can't bring yourself to spend hundreds on a dress, today's look for less if for you! The lookalike still has that signature lace look at a fraction of the cost. The "real" is $475 while the "lookalike" is under $100 (by a great brand, no less!) Either would make for one head-turning summer look. Can you spot the real from the steal? Click a link below to find out which is which.

My Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

Beach bag beauty must-haves
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With summer just around the corner, my mind is already at the beach and my toes are nestled in the sand. I wanted to share my beach bag essentials - from my favorite face mist to the best sunscreen for sensitive skin - so the next time you go, the only work you’ll have to do is lift a finger to turn the page of your book (and yes, I included my fave read, too!)

1. These Forever 21 sunnies are number one for a reason! Something about summer time makes me reach for vintage-inspired frames that help me channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. (Replay Vintage Sunglasses, $28 at

2. I never leave the house without Vaseline. Mostly, because my skin is really sensitive and reacts poorly to most chap sticks. But also, Vaseline is a beach bag must-have because, although the salt water does wonders for your hair, it dries out your lips, and I find classic Vaseline to be the most soothing solution. (Vaseline Lip Therapy, $1.79. Plus get a $5 giftcard with a $20 personal care purchase for a limited time at

3. This Neutrogena sunscreen is specifically designed to be used for your face, neck and chest. Many sunscreens do not take into account the sensitivity of your face. So, for me, this is a definite necessity. (Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lotion, $8.99. Spend $20, get $5 giftcard at

4. A good book is essential to a good beach day. Being in school, I don’t get a lot of chances to read for pleasure, so when I'm on holiday my nose is always buried in a book. My favorite beachside read is any Murakami novel! His fiction writing will keep you engaged to the point that you won’t want to put it down even to get in the water! (Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, $8.16 for paperback)

5. I love this Evian face mist. When I've been sitting out for a while, but I'm not ready to jump in the water quite yet, I spray a little of this refreshing mist on my face to cool down. (Evian Facial Water Spray, $12.50 for 5 oz)

6. Thank you Jen Atkin for this amazing hair oil. I use this product every day after I get out of the shower. But, I particularly love this oil at the beach. When I’m rushing to get changed before dinner and I want to keep my beachy hair looking effortless, I just throw a little of this oil in it to keep my hair hydrated and refreshed, and voila you’re ready for dinner! (Ouai Hair Oil, $28)

7. I always hate being without a hair tie. Sometimes my hair just drives me nuts and I have to throw it up in a quick bun. When I'm at the beach, I'll hop in the salt water and then braid my hair quickly after I get out. By the time I get changed for dinner, I have achieved the perfect beachy wave. (Goody Hair Elastics, $7.49 plus spend $20, get a $5 giftcard at