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K-DASH by Kardashian for QVC

E! Entertainment's leading ladies of reality television, the Kardashians, have parlayed their reality stardom into dozens of lucrative product deals and brand endorsements, from weightloss supplements and lipgloss to a fashion collab with Bebe. Most recently, the sisters created a fashion line for QVC called K-DASH, which made its debut during the second annual Fashion's Night Out in September.

Now, the girls are scheduled to return for the one-hour premiere of K-DASH by Kardashian on October 22 at 8 PM (ET). Per the press release, "K-DASH reflects a variety of looks, ranging from glam and edgy to feminine and flirty. Staying true to their mission of making fashion accessible to every woman, the Kardashians offer styles that are made to flatter all figures."

Items you can shop right now at include a Printed Tunic with Detachable Belt ($59.50), Double Strap Pebble Leather Handbag (sale $209.94) and Riding Pants with Faux Leather Detail ($59.75). It's not exactly my style but the sale prices seem reasonable if you're looking for something like a black blazer or cocktail dress.

Browse more photos after the jump. What do you think of K-DASH?

Photos courtesy of QVC

I'm kind of surprised....for the Kardashians, these clothes seem almost...anachronistic. Is it wrong that my opinion of their clothes is more than a little influenced by that fact that I feel like they are celebrities for no true discernible reason? I feel a little guilty for feeling that way. However, I haven't found any of their products appealing so far. At least people like Lauren Conrad and Jessica Simpson were actresses and/or singers before they started 'designing' clothing - not to mention their clothes and accessories are actually pretty and wearable...
#1 sobriquet on 2010-10-20 20:04 (Reply)
Yeah I totally agree! except Lauren Conrad is not an actress she started out on "Laguna Beach" an MTV reality show and then moved on to "The Hills" so she's pretty much a "celebrity" for no real reason she was just smart enough to move on to other outlets clothing, books etc.
#1.1 Liz on 2010-10-21 00:57 (Reply)
hahaha, I see - I never watch reality (or 'reality') shows so I didn't really know. I knew OF the shows but I thought they were something like the OC or gossip girl (I haven't seen either of those either - are they 'reality' shows or actual television? Just making sure I'm not mistaken again..). Thanks for enlightening me there.

I agree with your other comment here that it's a little absurd that all these celebrities du jour get to produce clothing. I'm hoping that either they are a) the type of person who has always been interested in design anyway and now has the chance to participate or b) there's a designer in the background somewhere who is getting his/her big break by contributing the designs. I'm sure it's all self correcting anyway in that if the designs are terrible no one will buy it. Or I hope so at least..
#1.1.1 sobriquet on 2010-10-21 16:25 (Reply)
It's just a simple featuring-looks but it looks great for them...
#2 kee (Homepage) on 2010-10-21 00:52 (Reply)
If celebrity designer collaborations disappeared all together, I wouldn't be at all disappointed. I completely understand cashing in on your name while it's hot/relevant, but I think designing should, for the most part, be left to the professionals. It undermines all their hard work and training when every celebrity (most of whom have not studied fashion) have their own line. That being said, this collection isn't horrible, but at the same time, I feel like you could find the same looks at Forever 21 for substantially cheaper.
#3 Sara R (Homepage) on 2010-10-21 09:40 (Reply)
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