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William Rast for Target Lookbook

We got sneak peeks here and here, now Target has released the full William Rast for Target lookbook. The Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala-backed label is known for rugged-cool denim, leather and outerwear (add boots and you've got the "supermodel off-duty uniform") and for their Target line, you'll find those exact staples for both men and women at much lower pricepoints, ranging from $16.99 for a Woven Silk Blouse, $49.99 for medium wash skinny jeans, to $199.99 for a genuine leather jacket. I should have bought that Miley Cyrus chambray shirt for $8 at Walmart when I had the chance…

I love the brown leather jacket but know myself too well, I won't spend $200 for it unless it goes on sale. Other highlights for me include a Military Jacket in Green ($59.99), those potentially disastrous yet utterly irresitable faux-leather shorts ($39.99) and an Embellished Ponte Skirt in Black ($34.99). What I'm really leaning towards, however, are the men's looks -- I can easily see my bf wearing most of the guy's looks and I might end up splurging on a couple pieces for him rather than myself.

P.S. Does anyone else think the female model resembles Jessica Biel, Timberlake's real-life girlfriend?

Click through to see all the looks. Will you be shopping this collection when it hits stores December 19th?

Photos via Target
I wonder if the jeans will have the "W" pockets like normal William Rast jeans, or if they will be different, signifying the Target line.
#1 Hayley on 2010-12-05 14:10 (Reply)
That cognac colored jacket WILL be mine!
#2 Katie (Homepage) on 2010-12-05 14:18 (Reply)
wow I LOVE these looks. I'm so excited for this line, and I'm hoping my favorite items will be able to hit the clearance racks. They're not that cheap! :-(

And the model TOTALLY looks like jessica biel. weird!
#3 kimmie (Homepage) on 2010-12-05 16:23 (Reply)
^ I was wondering the same as Hayley.. I hope it won't be like Mulberry for Target!

I didn't like anything too much.. but the leather jacket is BEAUTIFUL. Does anyone remember JPG for Target?? They had an odd red leather motorbike jacket.. that retailed for $200 too :-(

I think I'll pass on this collection though.. I'm sure William Rast will show up in a couple of months on Hautelook so, i'm fine!
#4 cg on 2010-12-05 17:34 (Reply)
I just want that pointe skirt.
#5 nicki on 2010-12-06 02:58 (Reply)
I have to agree with you, the men's line is a bit more appealing than the women's. Quite frankly, most of this seems to be built for tall and lean women, which I'm not. I also am shocked to see denim and denim together as I've never been a huge fan of it.
#6 rachelle (Homepage) on 2010-12-06 08:53 (Reply)
She totally looks like Jessica Biel.

I can't wait until this line hits stores. I also have a feeling that this line is going to fly off the shelves much quicker than some of the other designer Target lines (as if that were possible) because the style is so young and casual. The teenage demographic is gonna eat it up.
#7 Eboni Ife' (Homepage) on 2010-12-06 09:47 (Reply)
The leather shorts are the only item I'd entertain buying, but I'm afraid that trend's moment has passed. The guys stuff is good though!
#8 MEP on 2010-12-06 09:56 (Reply)
I like the leather shorts as well but wouldn't be able to get enough wear out of them to justify spending the money. Most of the womens looks are okay and probably easily recreated with cheaper/thrifted pieces. Glad to see something good for the guys though.

I find the little bows tied around the model's neck to be very reminiscent of Colonel Sanders.
#9 Sara (Homepage) on 2010-12-06 10:14 (Reply)
I'm not blown away by this collection, that's for sure. I like the tuxedo jacket but not much more than that.

She definitely does look like Jessica Biel!
#10 Nikki (Homepage) on 2010-12-10 23:52 (Reply)
I went and saw the collection yesterday and I was completely underwhelmed. I refuse to pay 17.99 for a t shirt. It was not anything special and I can safely say I am passing on this one.
#11 Tracie on 2010-12-20 11:32 (Reply)
The William Rast Leather Jacket is completely sold out in Target. But I browsed online and you can find it on new on eBay:
#12 Isabel on 2011-03-16 13:18 (Reply)
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