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Missoni for Target: It's True

Earlier today, my jaw dropped as I read the following tweet: "Three words: Missoni for Target. Yes, yes. You did read it right – this September." (via @TargetStyle) has all the exclusive details: The collection will include 400 pieces (the largest collection to date), including apparel and accessories for women, children and men, plus home decor goodies like bed sheets and dinner plates. Everything will undoubtedly be adorned with Missoni's signature stripes, swirls, zigzags and kaleidoscopic florals.

I haven't even ordered my metallic poufs from the current Calypso St. Barth collection and yet I'm already dreaming of a Missoni for Target duvet! Oh, Tar-zhay.

Contain your excitement until September 13 when the Missoni for Target collection will launch and be available at and Target stores through October 22nd.

P.S. Get to know the women behind the modern Missoni brand - a family-owned Italian knitwear company which was started back in 1947 - in this slideshow that I worked on back in 2006 when I was still a writer for We had an amazing behind-the-scenes video of the Missoni HQ but I can't find it on the site anymore. Boo.

Shown above: Three looks from the Missoni Resort 2011 collection via (NOT Target.)

#1 Sally McGraw (Homepage) on 2011-05-04 16:28 (Reply)
Oh. My. God. I just can't contain my excitement over this!!
#2 Roxanne on 2011-05-04 16:46 (Reply)
love it!
#3 Mimi (Homepage) on 2011-05-04 16:51 (Reply)
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better. Hopefully the materials will be more than polyester. That's what I like about the Calypso collection:cotton, linen, and silk. Not polyester.
#4 Tracie on 2011-05-04 17:17 (Reply)
This is by far the most exciting collaboration with target!! Can not wait!!!!!!!
#5 Gigi (Homepage) on 2011-05-04 18:32 (Reply)
I am in LOVE!!! 400 pieces! I better start saving! Keep us posted!!
#6 Kate Williams on 2011-05-04 19:08 (Reply)
Is it September yet? Time machine anyone?

Wow! What an awesome venture.
#7 TexNYQueen (Homepage) on 2011-05-04 19:55 (Reply)
I don't think I could be more excited. CHRISTMAS really is coming early. I would sleep outside of Target to get my top picks. It makes me heart so happy!!!
#8 Mandy (Homepage) on 2011-05-04 23:47 (Reply)
I was thinking of getting new bed linens soon, but I am waiting until September now! This news totally rocked my world and I'm glad they added "you did read this right," because it sounds too good to be true!
#9 ajdematteo on 2011-05-05 08:23 (Reply)
So exciting!! You just made my morning!
#10 The Dazzling Diva (Homepage) on 2011-05-05 09:04 (Reply)
I hate to break this to you, but if you haven't ordered your Calypso poufs yet, you're out of luck :-(
They are already sold out online.
#11 Target-Addict (Homepage) on 2011-05-05 09:35 (Reply)
SEPTEMBER!! Sometimes I wish they wouldn't even let us know this far in advance, because that just seems like an eternity to wait. I second the comment about fabric quality. Please, please don't let this one be polyester! Really excited about the home goods too, can't wait to see what they come up with.
#12 Sara (Homepage) on 2011-05-05 10:15 (Reply)
Oh no... Missoni: Impossible.
#13 Johnna (Homepage) on 2011-05-05 10:31 (Reply)
This is gonna be a free for all. I've never cared about the other collaborations..until now. Oh the zigzags! :-D
#14 Giselle on 2011-05-05 12:35 (Reply)
if there was ever a reason to get up at 2am and stand in line this is it! im so excited
#15 jen on 2011-05-05 14:45 (Reply)
BB, it's not often that I start feeling hysteria over yet another chain store collaboration BUT I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Thanks for this amzing post.
#16 The_Dark_Lady on 2011-05-06 03:16 (Reply)
I'm a little confused here. Granted, I don't have much experience with the Missoni brand, but the pictures above of the models are just hideous and unwearable in normal day life....

Why are we excited again?
#17 Windress on 2011-05-11 09:42 (Reply)
lol i was thinking the same thing but i guess it's a designer brand and a lot of people like it. Just like the Zara outfit where the girl was wearing a blue shirt and those crazy red pattern pants...if you see someone walking down the street in that combination, people would think they were literally crazy or homeless.
#17.1 Jennifer on 2011-05-30 13:00 (Reply)
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