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How to Wear Leg Warmers

Ever since we saw images of legwarmer-clad models coolly strutting down the Fall 2007 Y-3 runway, we've become determined to try—and tame—this trendy winter accessory.

On the Fall 2007 Y-3 runway, legwarmers add a pop of color and welcome texture when worn with a skirt, dress, or even shorts. writer Meenal Mistry calls the latest collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas "an approximation of the consciously haphazard way teenagers dress themselves," no doubt in large part because of the casual and functional way that leg warmers were scrunched, bunched and layered throughout - but in our opinion, this is a compliment. Intentional chaos can be a good thing in fashion, especially when it echoes the reality of winter weather (and sometimes, our tastes in fashion). So block out those unsavory memories of '80s aerobics classes past, and consider with an open mind the many fresh, new ways you can rock this look today (click pics for details...)

1. Pair leg warmers with a gray dress and black tights for a sleek, modern look. (

2. Wear legwarmers over leggings or footless tights with flats (never with flip-flops unless you live on an island). (

3. Allow leg warmers to peak out anywhere from 2-6 inches beneath boots (or ankle booties). Try it with UGGs, too. (

4. Slip legwarmers over skinny jeans and pair with booties. (

5. Pull leg warmers over the heel of a pair of killer pumps, with sheer hose. (These are by Alice & Olivia; we found a similar pair at Urban Outfitters.)

5. Take your cues from the dance world and don legwarmers to your next yoga or Pilates class. (American Apparel)
I'm not really feeling the leg warmers look.
#1 Timika (Homepage) on 2008-01-10 16:16 (Reply)
It's certainly not for everyone. So far, I've just worn them peeking out from under my boots - they add a nice layer of warmth!
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-01-16 12:08 (Reply)
thank you for showing me how to wear leg warmers the right way ):
#1.1.1 aubrey (Homepage) on 2008-11-27 20:52 (Reply)
I really have only considered wearing them with leggings, coming out of my boots for some added contrast, but other then that, I also kinda am not feeling the trend- PLUS I saw these tweens wearing them with a denim hoochie mini and flip flops, it was really awful! That trend needs to stop immediately!
#2 Peaches on 2008-01-10 16:58 (Reply)
I'm not a tween, but I've made that same mistake and worn them the same way as you described. Its good to learn how to do these things the right way since I obviously had no idea what I was doing. Won't do that again.
#2.1 Rach on 2008-12-22 18:16 (Reply)
Ohmigoodness, those models totally make it work (but isn't that always the case)? Thanks for the inspiration.
#3 'dréa on 2008-01-24 23:03 (Reply)
Leg warmers are the best!
#4 JB on 2008-11-30 17:21 (Reply)
Im reeli feelin dis legwarmer look..and number 4 especially...its doin alot.
thnks for the inspiration. now im gonna get myself some nice heel booties to wear over my collection of legwarmers, that i was unsure of wearing in public until i saw this page..

#5 MiisOfficerr[[likee weeooweeoowee :PP on 2008-12-07 14:12 (Reply)
Im wearing the number 4 way right now.
Looks good. :-)
#6 ciera (Homepage) on 2008-12-22 12:07 (Reply)
hi i was wondering how to wear leg warmers without heels. i just got a new pair for christmas. please email me back and tell me. Happy Holidays!!
#7 Kylie G. (Homepage) on 2008-12-25 17:18 (Reply)
I want to wear my leg warmers to work and i havent figured out how i could pull it off thank you much for helping with ways
#8 Casey on 2009-10-28 18:59 (Reply)
Best 'how to' on the subject i've seen. Thank yoU!!!
#9 Lmay on 2010-03-05 17:57 (Reply)
I wear leg warmers with my square toe ballet flats barefooted.
#10 Linda on 2011-01-30 12:19 (Reply)
Oh cute! I love wearing mine with skinny jeans and comfy boots durning the fall and winter
#11 Juicyminx69 on 2015-09-24 14:52 (Reply)
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