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Spring Fashion Trend 2008: Pink and Orange

If you're not sickened by brights (and you shouldn't be!) try mixing them two at a time. My personal favorite combination this Spring: pink and orange. Together, they form a sartorial sherbet of Lilly Pulitzer pink and Hermès orange that's sweet and delicious...but won't drip. This joyful, dynamic duo could be seen dancing in floral prints on the Michael Kors runway, canoodling as resort-ready separates at Versace, and electrifying tailored suiting courtesy Jil Sander. Scoop up sweet pink and orange pieces at your fave budget-fashion retailers this Spring, mix and match 'em, and then, perhaps, drink a glass of water.

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The MK and Versace looks, I think I can do. One of the brights is seemingly less dominant in both outfits. I may have to work my way up to rocking the Jil Sander

I am loving the orange and pink!
#1 Psyche (Homepage) on 2008-03-05 13:29 (Reply)
I LOVE these colors...Orange, Yellow, Pink and similar colors carry a positive aura around the person wearing them! Awesome! Great Article BudgetBabe!
#2 radha on 2008-03-05 21:07 (Reply)
Hey radha - good point, especially in some East Asian cultures, no?
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-03-08 11:49 (Reply)
Ooooh, I love Jil Sander, especially in those yummy colors! Wish I could afford it, though...
#3 cathy (Homepage) on 2008-03-06 20:26 (Reply)
Maybe Jil's usual customers won't dig these colors so much and you can find them at a sample sale (Wishful thinking!) :-)
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-03-08 11:45 (Reply)
This post inspired me to try something different. I took a stab at the trend in my post today. So, of course, I had to reference you as the inspiration!

#4 Psyche (Homepage) on 2008-03-12 11:01 (Reply)
I absolutely love your look, and am flattered that you found your inspiration here! You took a trend and made it your own.

Here's the link to your post (take notes, people!!):

#4.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-03-12 23:23 (Reply)
My name is Chanél and I'm associated with The Fashion Guru blog. I find your site to be very informative and fascinating. If it's okay, I'd like to add you to my blog roll. Feel free to visit TFG for some more fashion news, trends, and deals. Take care!

-Chanél, TFG Blogger/Writer
#5 TheFashionGuru (Homepage) on 2009-03-04 17:45 (Reply)
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