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Ask BB: Isabel Marant 'Basley' Boot Look for Less

Celebs love the Isabel Marant Basley boot

I saw this pair of Isabel Marant boots - The Basley perforated suede wedge ankle boot - on and fell in love. But $600 shoes so do not fit my budget. Can you work your magic and help? —Diane

It's moments like these when I kinda wish I could drop $600 on a pair of shoes because The Basley is seriously awesome - it looks uber comfy and cool, and I know I'd get a lot of wear out of it. But I'm right with you, Diane, a $600 shoe purchase would be irresponsible for me, so let's look at some budget alternatives, shall we?

These boots at Target have a similar vibe - low heels, slouchy taupe suede, perforated detailing. They don't have the same "Ugg" gene as the Basley (which you could argue is a good thing) but it's the closest thing I've seen so far. At $34.99, the "Paka" is a sound buy:

There's also the Mossimo "Katelyn" available in tan, brown or black for $34.99 - the low heel and perforated detailing makes these a great wear-with-everything summer boot:

Have a suggestion for Diane? Let her know in the comments!

Shown above: Celebs love the Isabel Marant Basley boot, including (from left) Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz.

Here are a couple other options. I didn't see a lot of budget-friendly dupes for the Marant booties!

These are a wedge sneaker, but have the same color and aesthetic:

These aren't perforated, but they ARE an olive wedge bootie:,cat20173,dsw12cat1100004

These are similar to the Target options, but a little less western. Plus 100% suede:
#1 Kris on 2013-04-26 12:27 (Reply)
Nice work, Kris! I especially like your third find.
#1.1 Amy on 2013-04-27 13:41 (Reply)
Ditto, the DV by Dolce Vitas look a lot like the Paka!
#1.1.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-04-27 18:42 (Reply)
It's the soft rubber sole and suede on the overpriced pair that attracts me.
#2 GingerR on 2013-04-26 17:26 (Reply)
I love the last pair of boots they are the perfect spring and summer boots. They would look great with cut off jeans at a music festival this summer.
#3 Kathleen (Homepage) on 2013-04-29 12:33 (Reply)
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