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Pinter-Test: Does Vinegar Really Make Your Manicure Last Longer?

Pinterest: Does it work? Vinegar and nail polish
Each week, we put a different claim found on Pinterest to the test (hence, Pinter-test! Get it?!)

While some pins seem too good to be true (and sometimes they are), many of the tips actually work! As I pinned my heart away, my chipped nails seemed extra prominent when reading this trick:

"Wipe your fingernails with vinegar before applying polish. It dries the nail to help polish stick better."

To test this out, I used five different brands of nail polishes. I applied the polish to bare nails on my left hand, while applying the vinegar and polish to my right hand.

My nails before

After 5 days:

Swiping nails with vinegar before applying nail polish helps it last longer.

My left hand had a significant amount of chipping, while my right hand had barely any! I did notice the purple polish on my right hand thinned out a bit, but it didn't chip. Overall, I was very happy with the results. With such a crazy schedule, I will definitely be using this trick to minimize the number of times I have to paint my nails! Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

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So Trying this!


#1 Leslie (Homepage) on 2013-08-26 18:55 (Reply)
Think it matters if you use apple cider or plain white?
#2 amarie on 2013-08-26 19:10 (Reply)
Apple cider vinegar tends to be more acidic (just googled this) so it might be more drying but both probably work equally well.
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-08-27 09:21 (Reply)
So cool!! I've never heard of this tip before. Thanks for the review and can't wait to read more - I've always wondered how doable these things are. Have you read the tumble Pinterest fails? Hilarious.
#3 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2013-08-27 02:24 (Reply)
I haven't! Googling now
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-08-27 09:21 (Reply)
Going to try this also. Anything to stop nails from chipping is a plus.
#4 Barbara (Homepage) on 2013-08-27 06:34 (Reply)
Just wondering - are you right handed or left handed?
#5 Reva on 2013-08-27 09:12 (Reply)
I am right handed! However, I was in the process of moving during this experiment, so both hands were moving boxes, opening things, cleaning, etc. :-)
#5.1 Allyssa on 2013-08-27 20:50 (Reply)
Great tip! Thanks!
#6 Davina W. on 2013-08-27 10:39 (Reply)
Totally awesome. Can't wait to try it.
#7 Goldeelocks (Homepage) on 2013-08-27 11:21 (Reply)
Is this safe for nails? I'm afraid this would dry out my nails TOO much.
#8 Monica on 2013-08-27 13:53 (Reply)
I didn't personally have any issues with it. No peeling, cracking, etc. Maybe try it on a nail or two if your nails are sensitive to things like this :-)
#8.1 Allyssa Griffiths on 2013-08-28 07:37 (Reply)
But if you're left-handed it could just be that you use your left-hand for a lot more tasks than your right. I think that's what someone was suggesting by asking about your handedness. My left hand always stays perfect because I'm a righty.
#9 Elizabeth on 2013-08-27 14:49 (Reply)
Love this column! I am definitely going to try this.
#10 Broke And Beautiful (Homepage) on 2013-08-28 03:49 (Reply)
I love this new feature. I will be trying out this trick as well.
#11 MAC (Homepage) on 2013-08-28 14:22 (Reply)
I've never heard of this either. I'm trying this tonight too! Hopefully this plus Essie First Base, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength and Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails will get me all the way through Labor Day!
#12 Rae on 2013-08-28 21:21 (Reply)
It worked for me! I really didn't think it would. I had barely any chipping and only a little wear off the edge of my nails. I'm doing this every time I paint my nails for sure!
#13 Caligirl on 2014-01-07 09:23 (Reply)
I must say that I am curious about this whole article...your "no vinegar" and your "with vinegar" pictures are of your right hand. Am I missing something? I thought your left hand had the vinegar?
#14 Michelle on 2014-03-17 08:52 (Reply)
OMG do not do this!!! You don't want to dry your nails out more than they already are. Also, your polish doesn't thin out with wear time. It was thin to begin with. When you do a mani use a good base coat, at least 2-3 coats of polish and a good top coat. Make sure to wrap the tip of your nail with all 3, this will help to ensure a long lasting mani. I also will add top coat each day which also helps to make the mani last and adds to the shininess.
#15 Kellie on 2016-04-07 04:33 (Reply)
Great tip. Will try. I’ve used with hazel and now alcohol to wipe off any residue left on my nails before using a bonded base coat. If this works better I’ll change for sure
#16 Beth Ellenwood on 2020-09-20 14:25 (Reply)
Thank you for this tip. I am a secretary, so my nails are constantly attacked by paper clips and staples. Hopefully this tip will help me with less touch ups because chipped paint drives me crazy.
#17 Josey on 2021-08-10 20:39 (Reply)
Rubbing Alcohol serves the same purpose.
#18 Shawn on 2021-09-01 02:46 (Reply)
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