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10 Fabulous Fur Coats Under $100 From H&M

10 Fabulous Faux Fur Coats Under $100

After I wrote a post rounding up 10 faux fur vests under $50, I received a number of requests for affordable faux fur coat options - so here are 10 amazing options that I discovered over at The fast-fashion giant - which just recently opened it's largest US store in Times Square - has everything from faux fox to faux rabbit, in colors of black, white, ivory, brown and more, from casual options to elegant evening picks. Grab one before the holiday frenzy so that you can wear it and comfort yourself in its plush softness anytime you feel a chilly breeze (or a bout of holiday stress!)

1. H&M Faux Fur Jacket $69.95

2. H&M Cream Faux Fur Jacket $69.95

3. H&M Faux Fox Fur Jacket $59.95

4. Metallic Faux Fur Jacket $69.95

5. H&M Faux Zebra Fur Jacket $19.95

6. H&M Cropped Black Faux Fur Jacket $59.95

7. Black Belted Faux Fur Jacket $59.95

8. Ivory Faux Fur Jacket $59.95

9. Collared Faux Fur Jacket $59.95

10. Short Faux Rabbit Fur Jacket $24.95

yess! So many great options and they're all totally affordable!
#1 Leslie (Homepage) on 2013-11-19 19:47 (Reply)
I saw these at H&M, they are soo cute and cozy! I may get the grey faux since its only $24.95.
#2 Franci (Homepage) on 2013-11-19 20:50 (Reply)
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