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Review: Skechers' Stylish New Flats

Review: Skechers flats (really!)

Flats are one of the trickiest shoes for me to shop. Obviously they should be cute and affordable, but I know comfort is definitely an important quality when I’m looking for a pair. I can’t count how many times I’ve been disappointed with flats that ended up being too stiff or left me with painful blisters. Not good! Especially in the summertime when we’re always on the go. Skechers sent me three pairs of flats to try out, and I am pleased to say that my feet were as happy as I was with them.

Review: Skechers flats (really!)

Juliet ‘Moral’ $49 (shown above) and Juliet ‘Dilema’ $49

I’m combining my review of the ‘Moral’ and the ‘Dilema’ because most of their traits (besides the look and color) are extremely similar—in a good way! My favorite of the three is the ‘Moral’ just because I am a huge fan of the light pink pastel color. The perforated faux leather keeps your feet cool on hot, sweaty days and not constricted.

One part that worries me is how thin the faux leather and lace is. They look a bit ‘deflated’ when they are sitting in your closet after wearing them a few times, so I’m afraid their lifespan might be on the shorter side. I guess that would depend on how often you wear them and your level of care. But from the box, I really liked how they made my feet look dainty and feminine and they appear to have great shape. The soles were extra cushy and I liked that there was a very slight but supportive heel at the bottom.

Skechers flats

I would say you could wear either of these to a dressier occasion or a casual one—weddings, shopping, backyard get-togethers, or even work if your dress code permits. I wish the 'Dilema' (shown above) came in multiple colors since hot pink isn't my preference (wouldn't you LOVE these in yellow or mint or even white?!) The ‘Moral’ flat also comes in a pretty powder blue and subtle gold.

Review: Skechers flats (really!)

Juliet ‘Love Fool’ $49

I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the look of this flat. It is made of denim fabric with metallic leopard print and gold stitching details on the inner edge. Personally I like to color coordinate my clothes with my shoes in most cases, and I found this hard to do. I ended up wearing them with white skinny jeans and a casual navy blue tank. However, if you love prints and mixing and matching, you’ll be purrrring with happiness! They slip on nicely and are snug on your feet. I wouldn’t stack them when storing in your closet though—I made this mistake once and the sides stretched out a bit!

These flats ran big on me. I usually wear a size 8 ½ to a 9 in flats, but for each pair of Skechers flats I had to size way down to an 8 because my heels kept slipping out. If you can, I would recommend trying them on in a store.

Have you tried Skechers flats? Did you even know they made such cute styles? What do you look for in a pair of great flats?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post/ad. Skechers was cool enough to let us pick out these styles to review. Opinions are entirely our own.
This came right on time. Due to an injury, I've been regulated to flats since May - ARGH! I am not a fan of flats because the newer ones are just so....FLAT. I did come across a pair at Nine West (black with gold toe) and my new fav Anne Klein - gold ballet flat with a small heal via Zappos. It comes in bronze, blue, and black. I love the arch support and the little heal makes it not so flat.

I spent way too much money on a pair of Ivanka Trumps that I finally couldn't justify the price per wear and returned them.

As for the Sketchers, I like the patterned one you tried. Those are super cute. I'll hunt them down in my local Sketchers store!
#1 LaShaune on 2014-08-04 15:18 (Reply)
Glad to hear this post was helpful, but so sorry to hear about your injury! I know how much you love your heels. Hopefully these will tide you over until you can get back into a higher heel.
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2014-08-05 07:42 (Reply)
How would you rate the arch support? It looks pretty good, but I am so leery of buying flats anymore because "walking on tile" seems to be in right now. >.
#2 Tiffany (Homepage) on 2014-08-07 17:47 (Reply)
Hi Tiffany!

I thought the arch support was pretty good on these! I'm not super picky about that personally with my shoes, but these seemed to have much better padding and support compared to other flats I own...I have Steve Madden ones and a pair Wanted flats that both feel like I am literally "walking on tile," as you said - didn't feel that with the Skechers! Hope this helps :-)
#2.1 Kailan Kalina on 2014-08-09 22:30 (Reply)
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