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Constance Wu's Floral Gucci Dress, Knee-High Boots, and Circle Bag Look for Less

Constance Wu Floral Gucci Dress Look for Less
Spring has sprung for Constance Wu in this gorgeous tiered Gucci floral dress! Since it's still winter, the knee-high boots are a perfect shoe to pair with a springy frock like this and still make it work!

Olivia Palermo's Printed Sweatshirt, Embellished Pumps, and Peacoat Look for Less

Olivia Palermo Printed Sweatshirt and Peacoat Look for Less
Olivia Palermo adds another chic look to her long list of outfit wins! She shows us how to mix a casual sweatshirt with more tailored pieces by way of this printed sweatshirt, trousers, and long double-breasted peacoat. The fashion guru has a knack for curating unique looks that go above and beyond your day-to-day street style stars, and those embellished pumps certainly seal the deal on this one!

Look for Less: Kate Beckinsale in Polka Dots and White Pumps

Kate Beckinsale Polka Dots and Givenchy Bag Look for Less
Kate Beckinsale in a perfect "night on the town" look - or any day you may feel like stepping it up from your go-to jeans and tee! Her outfit is actually a top and pants by Ronny Kobo, but we loved the idea of picking a jumpsuit for all-in-one ease. Plus, we might be a little prematurely excited for spring styles!

Keri Russell's Denim Jacket, Cable Knit Sweater, and Oxfords Look for Less

Keri Russell's Denim Jacket and Oxfords Look for Less
Is that a hint of spring we're feelin from that floral scarf?! Actress Keri Russel is all casual in this destroyed denim jacket layered over a cable knit sweater, paired with straight leg jeans.

Jessica Alba's Camel Cardigan, Green Wide-Leg Pants, and Mules Look for Less

Jessica Alba Green Pants and Camel Cardigan Look for Less
It's no secret - we all have a soft spot for Target, and maybe even make multiple trips there a week. But I'll be the first to admit that I don't always dress my best when I go. Maybe that's just me...and Jessica Alba put my go-to shopping outfit (leggings, tee, and top bun) to laughable shame in these green wide-leg bottoms and long camel cardigan.