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Meet my amazing writers! —BB

Kailan Kalina

Name: Kailan Kalina
My current home is: Eugene, Oregon
My favorite designers are: Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rebecca Minkoff, Alice + Olivia.
My personal style is: Casual and simple, but I like to throw in edgier and trendy pieces.
My biggest fashion splurge ever was: Ashe Bowie suede wedge sneakers in peach. They were $195.00…not sure what I was thinking at the time, but I LOVE them.
My proudest fashion bargain was: My black faux leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. It doesn't really look fake, and it was well worth the $39 sale price I paid! I live in my jackets.
Words I live by: In the words of Adele: "Just keep chasing pavements."
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Allyssa Griffiths

Name: Allyssa Griffiths
My current home is: Ohio
My favorite designer is: Lauren Conrad is my favorite! I've always loved her style and clothing line. It's so feminine and really fits my personality. I also may or may not be obsessed with her new bedding line.
My personal style is: My closet is mostly made up of laid back, casual clothing like leggings, jeans, tank tops and over sized sweaters. Comfort is my main priority, especially when running to classes all day! However, I cannot pass up any piece with lace or ruffles. Lace and ruffles are my weak spots...and pastels.
My biggest fashion splurge ever was: My Coach purse. I tried convincing everyone (and myself) it was an investment. I didn't buy another purse for over a year! Two years later, it still is an every day bag for me.
My proudest fashion bargain ever was: I found a brand new Figleaf dress at my local Goodwill store. The tags were still on it! I paid $1.00 for this beautiful dress, originally $45.00!
Words I live by: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
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Name: Vanessa Williams Stevenson
My current home is: NYC
My favorite designer is: Alexander Wang
My personal style is: Always changing. I love the color black, skinny jeans, silk tops, boots, leopard print and leather!
My biggest fashion splurge was: My Balenciaga bag
My proudest fashion bargain was: Alexander Wang Prisma tote in calf hair leopard print after months of stalking
Words I live by: Sometimes, less is more.
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Name: Molly Wheaton
My current home is: Connecticut! But my heart is in London.
My favorite designers are: Emma Hill for Mulberry, Guillaume Henry for Carven, and the incredible Stella McCartney
My personal style is: Super casual and simple. I pretty much live in basics and almost all of those are black or grey. I do love the occasional super-feminine dress.
My biggest fashion splurge ever was: Just recently I caved and bought myself a Mulberry Alexa bag! It was a ridiculously incredible deal from Second Time Around and I just had to do it. My mother still doesn't know how much I paid for it. And she never will.
My proudest fashion bargain ever was: Probably my Alexa. Let's just say that even my frugal friends were amazed by what a good deal it was. Other than that, I am QUEEN of Goodwill and have found some absolutely amazing things there for (way) less than a tenner - a cashmere J.Crew cardigan with tags for $4 ranks among the best.
Words I live by: "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" —Jon Acuff. A reminder I always have to give myself!
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Becca Chung

Name: Becca Chung
My current home is:: An original Georgia Peach currently living in Connecticut
My favorite designers are: Rebecca Minkoff, Derek Lam, Parbal Gurung, Isabel Marant, Kate Spade, Thakoon
My personal style is: an eclectic feminine mix of boho chic with classic styles. One thing you can count on is that I am always inclined to throw in some prints - in particular leopard, stripes, polka dots and floral. I just love dressing SUPER feminine- bows, dresses and skirts! I also like to incorporate Asian fashion trends, too!
My biggest fashion splurge ever was: I spend a ridiculous amount on skincare products- but it’s something that was instilled in me at a young age by my mom. I had a set skincare regimen at 13 and I think it paid off because I never have any skin issues!
My proudest fashion bargain ever was: I’ve always loved thrifting because it’s like treasure hunting - you never know what you are going to find! I accomplish the best finds when thrifting with my best friend - one day we found a beautiful pair of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo leather flats for only $4 and a vintage Fendi clutch for $8!
Words I live by: "Delete the negative; accentuate the positive!" —Donna Karan
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Eliza Castro

Name: Eliza Castro
My current home is: Long Island, New York
My favorite designers are: rag & bone designed by Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, Betsey Johnson, Christian Siriano
My personal style is: Classy, girly, with a touch of eccentricity
My biggest fashion splurge ever was: First thing that comes to mind is my splurge at the beginning of summer. Definitely spent more than I should have :-) . Bought myself some new dresses and blouses from Express, Forever 21, and Macy's. Finished off my spree with these cute tan sandals I had to have from Aldo.
My proudest fashion bargain ever was: There have been so many of these. The one that sticks out in my mind right now is from my recent trip to Macy's. I found a Michael Kors dress originally priced at $100 for $29.95 and Guess Jeans for $25.
Words I live by: "Everything happens for a reason." I have lived by these words for as long as I can remember.
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