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Deal du Jour: Save Up to 80 Percent Off at

Furla medium leather bag, Orig. $194.00 Now $97.00 at

The Deal: Last Call Sale on YOOX.COM, take up to an Extra 80% off! plus free standard shipping on all orders.

Why You Need It: Truth be told, you don't, but I'm curious to hear if there are any fans out there. Personally, I find their selection to be rather overwhelming and their prices to be exorbitant. However, I was perusing their sale section and spotted a few diamonds in the rough, like the versatile Furla leather purse above (still not cheap but compared to a $937 Emilio Pucci sequined dress, it seemed like a steal...)

Give the site a look and let me know what you think!

Yet another web page I've never heard of! Where DO you find out about these places? Haha. Anywho, here's what I thought:

The design/layout isn't all that impressive. I'm big on the way a site looks. I want to feel good just perusing, like I'm in an exclusive boutique and it's been opened up just for me. (If only!) Well, it's no Sephora or J.Crew or Shopbop, that's for sure.

I did, however, like that you can navigate the site by size, price range, designer, color, and category. The only issue with the size link is that since the site carries so many designers, it's hard to know your "true" size. Since you said their prices are exorbitant, overall, I clicked on the $50-100 price range to see what I would get. Once the page opened, I clicked on Sort By: Low Price. 477 pages of items between $50-100? You've got to be kidding me! Overwhelming. Definitely overwhelming.

I do also like that the page shows you the sizes they have in stock of each item. This way you don't have to find something great, click on it, only to be disappointed that they don't have it in your size. After "flipping" through a few pages in the $50-100 range, I didn't find anything that caught my eye, so went a price range down to Under $50. If you're a C&C California fan, they do have some good deals (up to half off) their styles, but the size selection isn't fantastic. Other than that, I wasn't even very impressed with their designer selection. Sugar? Paul Frank? North Face? Really? I think I'd have to be looking for something VERY specific to ever visit this site again.
#1 Katie on 2009-03-06 10:15 (Reply)
LOVE YOOX! I bought a few pairs of shoes from there and they are some of my faves and they were a great bargain too. I love that they notify you when your favourites are down to one item left.

I also love how the designers are mainly under the radar here in North America. Because it is based out of Italy (I read about Yoox's history the other day and it's quite interesting) they stock a lot more higher end but unknown stuff.

I had been eyeing a pair of Prada sandals forever on there - might be sold out by now - and compared it to it's original retail price (note, that is not listed on Yoox, this was from research) and it was AT LEAST 40% off.

I would definitely shop at YOOX again but I agree with the poster above that you do have to have something specific in mind. I usually go for a certain brand (Prada, Cafe Noir or Vic Matie), otherwise you can get lost.

Hope this helps!
#2 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-03-06 13:31 (Reply)
I love Yoox.

The navigation and My Dream box are excellent. The email reminders are also very good.

Yoox offers free standard shipping and include a return label in the package ($6 is deducted from the refund).

My beef is that there is only one view of an item. In other words, if I'm dropping $300 on a pair of shoes, I should be able to get a 360 view of these shoes before I click the submit button to purchase.
#3 Debby on 2009-03-07 06:40 (Reply)
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