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The Look for Less: Christian Louboutin Knock-Offs

Only one designer is instantly recognizable by the red-lacquer soles adorning his shoes: Christian Louboutin.

Oh, how those sizzling red soles makes us weak in the knees...

While we don't condone counterfeits, we had to tell you that the Oh...Deer! shoe brand has cheap, copycat versions of many Louboutin styles—all sporting that coveted, signature red sole. Surprising? No. Morally suspect? Perhaps. But until they start copyrighting what goes on the bottom of our feet, we'll let you be the judge...

Christian Louboutin Bruge Patent Pumps, $685.00 at

Oh...Deer! Marilyn Pumps, $68.95 at

If imitation Louboutin's don't suit your fancy but you want a piece of the action, consider this news via
According to an article in the British magazine Grazia, the Louboutin look has led not only to mere imitation but also to creative inspiration in the form of the "Louboutin manicure." Zoe Pocock, of London's Charles Worthington salon, will paint your fingernails in the color of your choice, with a familiar shade of red on the underside. At £36, it's a far less expensive indulgence than a new pair of Loubies -- or, for the woman who has everything, an opportunity to take matching the shoes with the handbag to a whole new level.

nope - sorry - you can keep the black nails with red underneath. too creepy.
another brand with VERY cute soles is Indigo by Clark's (yes, Clark's). What was formerly a company known for its "sensible" (i.e. usually orthopedic-looking) shoes, Clark's has come out with some very fashionable AND comfortable styles, with nothing more than 89.00 (so far!). the soles have colorful flower designs that make you want to show them off (no easy feat - no pun intended!). Their latest line has loads of retro wedgies, both for summer and fall.
AND, there's a huge sale in the Clark's stores going on now - lots of goodies at 50% off.:-)
#1 maggie z on 2007-07-05 10:52 (Reply)
We'll be sure to check them out! Been trying to come up with a list of comfy and cute sandals for summer...
See also our earlier post on Aerosoles, they have some amazingly stylish, affordable options these days.
And yes, the Louboutin mani is too Elvira for our liking.
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2007-07-06 09:47 (Reply)
for a toned-down but elegant version of whatever it is the laboutin manicure is supposed to be, check out bath & body works' sale. they have a lovely little nail polish in a silvery gray frost by goldie on sale for 50 cents (down from $5!). 50 cents! that's so rare my keyboard doesn't even have the cents sign any more!
#1.1.1 pirate jenny on 2007-07-09 15:47 (Reply)
Youre actually encouraging people to wear fake shoes? Thats pathetic! If you want Louboutin, buy Louboutin, if you cannot afford it, buy something else!! You can see a fake from a mile away, and it will never be as comfortable as an actual pair of Louboutins. And we all know that its the comfort Christian is so well known for!
#1.2 lola (Homepage) on 2007-10-29 11:35 (Reply)
Those who crave the comfort (cough, cough) and craftsmanship of the real deal will continue buying the real deal; those who simply want a certain look (ie. a black patent pump with a red sole--how utterly original!) will seek out more affordable styles.

We hardly think that by reporting on this trend (that's right, reporting--we're not encouraging people to buy fakes) that we will in any way hurt Louboutin's bottom line.
#1.2.1 The Budget Babe on 2007-10-30 14:10 (Reply)
How can you say your not hurting Christian Louboutin in any way?? Christian Louboutin has made his name with the love he has for shoes and has become known for his red soles. It's unfair to steal a designers hard work and make it available for a cheaper price. His shoes represent exclusivity, sexiness, and luxury and if you can't afford it than thats ok too.. but you shouldn't demean the work of an artist with cheap imitations
# Nashira on 2008-11-30 14:16 (Reply)
People who purchase Knock-off's would never buy a pair of Louboutins because the can't afford them so they are not hurting Louboutin.
# Bubba (Homepage) on 2008-12-08 11:21 (Reply)
Louboutins are comfy? I think not. Just ask any celebrity that wears them for about 20 minutes of red carpet photos. Only a person who has never worn Louboutins would ASSUME they are comfy. Do they look Comfy? Now don't get me wrong, they are beyond tantalizing. However, they are made strictly for style. They make my legs go on for days. Do this: Go to saks and try on a pair. Then walk around in them in the store. You wouldn't get pass the shoe dept.
#1.2.2 LT on 2007-11-19 16:59 (Reply)
LT is right. You may as well buy a shoe which has been inspired by a designer for cheap and not have blisters on your foot than buy a real designer shoe and not be able to walk about in them and look stupid by limping everywhere anyway. would you go into a high street shop and pay £50 on a pair of shoes that are uncomfertable? NO!
# Amber (Homepage) on 2010-02-07 08:00 (Reply)
So what ur saying is every original design should never be imitated or duplicated or updated??so the first designer who made jeans,Mr Strauss(thats the theory)is the only pair of jeans we should have? No other options should be allowed? All the other brands are a disgrace?7 jeans,true religion, ralph lauren, Tommy, Nautica,Donna Karen,etc..they are all KNOCKOFFS and shouldnt be producing their designs bc after all...they didnt actually invent the jean design?Strauss should be the ONLY jean ppl should wear and if they cant afford it, go naked?LOL! Thats is such a narrow minded and immature viewpoint.No one owns anything CREATIVE forever! ppl imitate, improve upon it...make it more affordable...its all in the name of fashion and one should be able to say mine!mine!mine! Fashion is inspires originality and yes! IMITATION! Havent you heard, its the highest form of flattery? An airhead like u just likes to feel IMPORTANT bc she owns originals(if you even do) and you feel less stupid if you dont see someone strutting around in a pair of shoes that didnt cost them a mortgage payment. And BTW, designer shoe comfort?how many designer shoes do u own?Most qualify as "riding shoes".IOW, you better be in a car bc you will not get far walking in them..they arent meant to pound the pavement...its a luxury item so pls stop with the comfort BS!!You sound like an airhead whos never owned a pair of TRUE designer shoes in her life!
#1.2.3 imani on 2010-08-11 21:36 (Reply)
You R Right on Point....lmBo as I smh. ppl art is all around so stop hating on their creative artistic ability. The saying going " You do You, and let me do me." Meaning, Don't worry about what someone else is doing. If someone comes up with an ideal that sells, More power and money creates smiles for both sides is the way I see it. Yes, I do own a authentic Louboutin;however, I have more off brands than Market price shoes. I enjoy many styles of shoes, therefore they cost isn't always the factor. However, what women doesn't love seeing or hearing the word "SALE". Futhermore, I Love seeing myself in my own home & care,& going on nice vacations rayther than investing in Market price shoes.
# LaToshia (Homepage) on 2012-02-02 00:30 (Reply)
I bought a pair of these for my 21st birthday, yes totally authentic. They are NOT comfortable at all. I take it you have never owned a pair of Louboutin's Lola...
#1.2.4 danae on 2011-04-18 20:31 (Reply)
Quit acting like you're a shoe expert. We all know you can't spot a fake from a mile away. And if you're really going to stare at a girl's heels long enough to tell if they're a fake, you need serious help.

I'm sorry, but Christian Louboutins are known for their red soles and for how much they cost. They're known because celebrities started wearing them. They may be comfortable, yes, but that's definitely not what they are known for. Get over yourself miss diva.

Imitation is the best form of flattery. It's the fashion world, everything is similar to something else. Quit being so naive.
#1.2.5 AmandaS on 2012-08-28 01:08 (Reply)
If I want fake I'll put my money there and you can't do nothing about it. If you can afford the real deal, so be it, buy and enjoy while I enjoy my fakes nicola and the rest of you peeps thjat are jealous about us wearing your shoes lol And as far as your slave labor and your weapons talk, bullish&t, how much fur do you have in your closet you hypocrite? As far as anyone knows, those knockoffs could be supporting a family of 4 in some third world country and if not for me being cheap, they might not have bread on there table so go back to wearing your fur, and your real louboutin while eating your caviar and I will enjoy my fakes.
#1.2.6 Mindyobiz on 2012-10-01 08:19 (Reply)
Get a life lola. If you don't like things INSPIRED by high fashion companies you would be better off spending your time digging through the piles at Wal Mart then on a budget FASHION blog. Its common knowledge that all fashions found in mid-price range stores and companies are inspired by the fashions on the runway. If you honestly think its just a coincidence that ALL the labels, ALL the stores start showing the same colors and styles at the same, holy crap are you ignorant. Hello? Leggings for instance, made popular by Vera Wang- are we all wearing Vera Wang leggings? hell no. Does that mean my pair of Guess leggings are fakes? um, obviously not. That is how the fashion world works, and unless you rip off a logo, monogram, or print its not trying to be a fake, its doing what all fashion does- trinkle down. And if you don't like it, have fun wearing a potato sack, and good luck finding something other then that NOT inspired by something seen on the runway. Take an art history class, then a history of design class and then a history of fashion class and then come talk to me. Every fashion you see is inspired from somewhere else, and ironically TONS of the highest fashion designers claim to get their inspiration from places like the pages of National Geographic and the poorest on this planet- how ironic. Oh, and by the way, get some substance. "if you cannot afford it, buy something else!"- who says we can't? Maybe we're just not stupid or shallow enough to blow our money when we know how frequently the fashions change. Get it straight honey, Budget doesn't mean poor, it means savvy. You may be wearing real Louboutins, but boy are you dumb.
#2 Peaches (Homepage) on 2007-10-31 11:08 (Reply)

I think you are absolutely fabulous! I'm reading this years after you wrote it, but I thought your comments were very insightful and dead on. Well done!
#2.1 Pooks on 2010-07-20 20:16 (Reply)
i am in total agreeance with peaches!! you go with your bad self!!
#3 Jen on 2008-03-20 12:29 (Reply)
Better Buy cheaper brand that look-like Louboutin to save money. Many Louboutin Brand Name as well as Casadei, Gucci, and Prada are fake or counterfeit! Most cheaper brand names like Jessica Simpson or Nine West are real!
#4 Koichi Ito on 2008-08-29 07:48 (Reply)
Louboutins are comfortable once they are broken in,just like any shoe!

If you shop around you can get louboutins for a good deal. It just depends what you consider a deal. For me a pair of loubotuins for 230 is a deal, esp if the shoe is org $700! I would never pay full price for them. Nor would I for any designer piece.,, often have sales on louboutins! I think neimans is the best because they usually have free shipping, if not register for their e-mail and you will recieve free shipping! and on ocassion you can take and extra 40% off sale items.

I wouldn't suggest buying the trendy louboutin shoes,but opt for any of the classic black shoes! You could wear them for years! It would make a good invesment!
#5 Ally on 2009-01-03 22:42 (Reply)
hey gosh is makes me so sad reading all your comments, your contantly bickering between you all about whos got better style/more money/ and more sense!
i own a few pairs of louboutins, i work damn hard and studied at uni for a hell of a long time, i think i desever to treat myself. yes ok not all of you call buying expensive shoes a treat but guess what some of us do!
I hate the relica ones out at the moment! they are really degrading and i actually feel sorry for the people wearing them, not becuase there supposed to look like authentic louboutins but because some girls (hence the SOME) try to pass they off as the 'real deals' ie authentic louboutins.
red sole is the louboutin signiture. yes i know he should have copyrighted them to begin with, yes i understand about fasion trickling from maajor boutiques in to the high street, but there not quite as obvious as the 'red sole' in my perception anyway! studying for 6 yrs at a London university about fasion did a least teach me that althoug fashion cannot be bought, fasion is addictive and i equally undertand people who dont want to spend large amounts of money on shoes but they should invest in their own style, not louboutins.
#6 nicola on 2009-02-20 18:38 (Reply)
You would think that with all that education you would know how to spell.
#6.1 Peaches on 2009-02-20 19:22 (Reply)
haha i was thinking the same thing. and with all your "education" why dont you have better stuff to do than talking big about your shoes. i bet you dont own a single pair of louboutins. or maybe you found one pair on sale.
#6.1.1 jen on 2010-07-02 00:50 (Reply)
LOL I was going to type the exact same thing. You beat me to it. Well said. thanks.

All that education, and no pathetic spelling skills.
#6.1.2 Helena on 2011-02-16 00:18 (Reply)
#6.2 TOOBLESSED on 2011-10-28 01:06 (Reply)
well im sorry I didnt asume this was also a spelling discussion board. I also didnt study language.
if you cant afford authentic items peaches, im sure you will get some fakes of ebay. tut tut!
dont give me that crap about 'its not about be able to afford them' at the end of the day im sure spending £600 on a pair of louboutins is a lot too you but its not to others.
fakes are for low lifes!
#7 nicola on 2009-02-21 09:55 (Reply)
Came on this site just to see what equivalents are available for Louboutins and found this discussion. WOW! Haha, its up to each person where they want to spend their money in life. I love fashion but I also like a good bargain. I would also like to live comfortably, eventually buy a home I love, travel, and retire with an ass load of money in my pocket. I splurge on some stuff but just because you dont ALWAYS go for the name brands doesnt mean you are a low life. Holy crap, low lifes are the shallow beings that cant see past a brand name and degrade others for their personal preferences. Grow up. When I wear knock off anything and get complemented I actually revel in the fact that it is a knockoff, and have no problem saying it! Makes me feel like saving that money was well worth it (unless its a really uncomfortable article of clothing/pair of shoes). Plus some stuff I need to be inexpensive, I wouldnt want to wear a pair of Louboutins to bar and get beer spilled all over them, or be paranoid all night that it would happen. I guess my point is there is more to life than clothing and shoes (but it is oh so nice to splurge on that one pair you've been eyeing)... now, onto bargain hunting!
#7.1 ErinB on 2009-03-06 15:34 (Reply)
Hey Nicola,
I can't believe how rude you are to these people! It is totally beyond me how you classify anyone who chooses to buy a shoe which is a look-alike of another a lowlife. I think it's terrible how people just keep labelling eachother on what they wear etc. You would think your pure bitchness would stop by the age you could afford Christian Louboutin. Just read my book “Treasure Yourself” later this year, it talks all about this.
#7.2 Miranda on 2009-07-06 12:59 (Reply)
I normally don't buy knockoffs, because I just rather save for authentic. But I'm only 18, so I can't afford everything so it forces me to be modest about expensive things. Anyway, when is your book going to be in stores? Everyone's raving about it and the newest issue of teen vogue said it was on it's way! I'm very interested in your outlook on teen girl's and how they should "raise themselves" :-) I wrote about these things in my diaries and since your my favorite model I'm excited to compare our views of things ! Please, somehow release a statement or something as to when it will be released!! ;-) much love!
#7.2.1 Megan Noella on 2009-08-04 10:44 (Reply)
Loboutins are overated, I have come to find. I have 2 pairs now and have owned 5, and with almost every pair I've had troubles with them not fitting properly or the shoe actually falling apart. Luckily I got most at large discount but still, I expected a lot more from Mr. Louboutin and for the money they go for.
#8 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-03-06 15:54 (Reply)
If people can't afford the real thing, I'd rather they bought shoes from real companies that making shoes 'inspired by' or in 'the style of' designer products, rather than buying from sites like these that produce fakes that 'claim to be' the real thing, but are shoddy imitations: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All of those sites sell stuff with a CL logo, claim to be genuine, but are FAKE.
#9 jo on 2009-05-31 12:43 (Reply)
Jo I'm just wondering about - heard of them but are they fake?
#9.1 Ally on 2009-06-19 07:25 (Reply)
a really beautiful site sales christian louboutins shoes,price nice!
#10 doll (Homepage) on 2009-06-05 03:31 (Reply)

I am trying to buy a genuine real pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and all the sites I am looking at and contacting them and they are telling me they are real Louboutins and I see a list above of all the fake sites.
Where can I buy a pair of genuine Louboutin shoes for a nice price I am splurging it is my birthday
#11 lol on 2009-06-13 03:02 (Reply)
i agree with lola, nicola and the rest who are against knock-offs. knock-offs are just disgusting and those who try to defend them are worse (what a bunch of hypocrites). saying that they don't wanna blow money over a pair of shoes with a reasoning that fashion constantly changes. first of all, looks like that person has no money to burn. second, louboutins have classic designs that can serve you for years.
furthermore, there are no "inspiration" in knock-offs. it was just plainly copying.
#12 amused on 2009-06-30 16:48 (Reply)
I can't believe this,'amused' I truthfully hope your ashamed of yourself. Why are you even saying stupid , stupid things like this?
#12.1 Miranda on 2009-07-13 07:16 (Reply)
i am sure you probably cannot even afford them yourself. kick rocks
#12.2 katie kirk on 2010-05-04 16:37 (Reply)
Oh darling, where would you be without Daddy's credit card? People who work hard for their money generally don't have such an uptight attitude.
#12.3 Kitty on 2011-04-02 00:37 (Reply)
I will buy a knock off in a min... You ladies are funny...
#13 topnotch on 2009-07-07 20:21 (Reply)
These are not fakes. "Fakes" would be rip off versions of the same shoe sporting the Louboutin logo. The shoes showcased on this site are by OhDeer! and are replicating the style of Louboutin, not trying to copy the branding. I wear Rock and Republic jeans but if I see someone wearing RocaWear, which looks very similar, I don't think, Oh, look at the poor person wearing fakes, I think, OK, they are wearing RocaWear, that's cool... Everyone has different style as well as priorities when it comes to finances. To call someone a loser for wearing or not wearing a certain brand is so juvenile and funny. I would personally spend the $900 on a charity and the $75 these shoes cost on myself. In our current economic climate I think spending to such excess is simply selfish when there are so many people out there that need food and clothing more than you do. And to the above poster regarding your level of education, I don't think acquiring materialistic possessions was part of the curriculum when I was in graduate school. Although spelling is not required to post on a forum or message board, if you are planning on making a convincing argument of why you are superior to others based upon your level of education the least you could do is check your grammar and spelling before hitting submit.
#14 Panda on 2009-07-20 19:44 (Reply)
I cannot believe how judgemental some of you people are. If it makes you happy to buy $900 shoes, do it! I totally agree with Panda. Go out and help the less fortunate, it will be much more rewarding and by the way, I buy replica's and get compliments all the time!
#14.1 drama on 2009-07-28 15:11 (Reply)
where do you buy your replicas from? i wear them too and NOBODY can telll the difference. I have some replica Balmain shoes that I wore last week and a charity event and had eveyone convinced they are real. Eff paying $2000 for shoes when I can pay $200! Please tell me where you get yours from bc ive been wanting the YSL tribute boot for the fall!!
#14.1.1 Renee on 2009-08-03 00:22 (Reply)
Renee can you please tell me where you are
buying your replica Louboutin's? I too
am looking to purchase a pair without the
price tag, but am scared of getting the shoes
and they look terrible, or worse, my credit
card gets charged and no shoes arrive!
There are so many sites, I don't know what
one to choose!

# Bree on 2009-08-12 19:45 (Reply)
I get them locally in Atlanta. I think my seller gets it from an online site like ebay but in China. I know I can get them cheaper but I dont feel comfortable enough to use my cc online.
# Renee Chuck on 2009-08-13 11:55 (Reply)
Hey girl I shop at ... they have free shipping and have yet to let me down!
# Victoria C. on 2010-07-15 08:10 (Reply)
WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE WEARS. if you want to wear fakes then wear fakes it does not make you sleep any differently at night. i wear fakes and i dont care its not because i cant afford it i have a 3000 dollar watch on my arm along with other pricy stuff but i love my fakes because i dont care if i get them dirty or have it ruin my night if they get damaged by someone so lola ur just pathetic i bet u u dont own one real paid. and if i was to spend 1000 dollars on something it wouldnt be the damn shoes it would be to help a charity or school or even a vaca.. what is wrong with you people critisizing what others wear worry about yourself and no one else.
# lena on 2009-08-14 12:16 (Reply)
It is quite funny watching you all squabble over a pair of shoes that are made for $50 and sold for well over $500. It's simple supply and demand. Women want CLs but at this moment in time it's quite uneconomical to buy them, so the next best thing is a shoe that has been INSPIRED by CL. Typicaly a FAKE is notable for its copying of brand name and many minor details and a shoe INSPIRED by uses designs of the shoe and terms them into their own. Now in OH...DEER!'s case it is plagiarism because there is no denying that the only differences with them shoes are the colour of the cork heel/platform and the brand name on the inner sole obviously. So yes i agree and disagree, if you buy OH...DEER!s then your supporting plagiarism, not trend following, but like me i cannot afford a pair of raybans let alone a pair of $800 heels. So rather than being ignorant and saying "Fakes are for low-lifes" no fakes or inspired looks are for people who want a classy look and who don't have the budget of a $1 million dollars. Real items are for people who can obviously afford them or enjoy being in debt. i'm not condoning going down to the local rag market and buying knock-offs because they could be funding anything. Terrorism or whatever and young children are making these knock offs for next to nothing. So before people start shouting their mouths off and belittling people you need to understand that at the end of the day, a red lacquer sole or a red lacquer sole with the embossed CL signature its a shoe. So nicole and others who can obviously afford CLs, this was aimed at people who can't splurge cash like that and was aimed to inform people that you can have the same look just for less. So quit the arguing and get over a piece of leather, some wood and a pot of red lacquer.
#15 Fish on 2009-08-10 21:23 (Reply)
I do feel what some of you are saying. true it does bring me extream satisfaction when I know that I spent a weeks wage on a pair of shoes that are genuin and are timelessly classic, but I don't do it often. perhaps on my birthday once a year, because most women don't have the privielege in our economic state right now. So why not grab a pair of fakes? they don't ruin Louboutins reputation, but are making the style available to women who want to look good but on a tight budget. all I have to say is, buy what fits you and your budget, you'll be happy either way because you got a new pair of shoes that are gorgeous.
#15.1 Kat on 2009-08-29 12:29 (Reply)
rene where do u get ur fakes from?
#16 lena on 2009-08-25 11:30 (Reply)
hey its me again! Ive Just come back on to see whats furthered in this discussion. Im sorry if some found my previous statements a little hard.
However to all those who would rather give the money to charity and buy fake louboutins.. well your actually saving money but the £160 you do spend on your fakes more than likely funds child slave labour, Drug use, and fund the ammunition and weapons the taliban and such groups use to attack our (British/American) troops.
Yes im aware that Christian Louboutin makes a substantial amount of ££ from one pair alone, but my conscience would rather fund his luxury yacht than the killing of civil peoples.
#17 nicola on 2009-09-20 15:43 (Reply)
Nicola, after studying fashion for 6 years at uni I'm sure mommy and daddy are paying for your Louboutins. Some people are busy making car payments/mortgages/college loans and actually have to earn everything they get... in other words cant shit CL's out everytime they want a new pair of shoes because they foot all of their own bills. The ignorance by you on "fakes funds drug use, the ammunition and weapons of the taliban etc" is a bunch of bull. Please remove your head from your ass and do some research instead of making these assumptions. Even IF the money did "fund" the taliban it would probably be somewhere around .1% of the profit they make compared with the money they make off of petrol sales.
#17.1 ErinB on 2009-09-21 07:24 (Reply)
#18 lena on 2009-09-21 09:27 (Reply)
does anyone know if this site is authentic
#19 pac on 2009-09-24 08:13 (Reply) is definitely not real.

I'm not taking a stand here on fake vs. authentic vs. knock-off "inspired by", but I think everyone on this comment thread who has been talking about using the money saved by buying imitation designer shoes to donate to charities should pay attention to where they are getting the shoes from.

Many of these imitation shoes, the ones that look exactly like the originals for a quarter or less of the price, are coming from Chinese underground criminal sweatshops that are imprisoning children under 10 years old to do the work.

Look here for the article:

I'm all for looking chic for cheap, but if charities and the state of the world matter to you - make sure that by going discount you're not contributing to absolutely awful and inhumane criminal activity.

#19.1 MJ on 2009-12-16 14:34 (Reply)
Why buy fakes? I, too, am a fashionista on a serious budget. Go vintage or re-create stylish looks, but buy purchasing a fake, you're giving up your ability to find a deal. Not only that, but to anyone in the know, the difference between your purchase and the real thing will be blatantly obvious. Some looks that are reminiscent of others, ie the tight example, are evolutions in fashion. I don't think Louboutin's signature red sole marks an evolution in shoe styles. That's the difference. His red sole is a signature, not a by-product of fashion progression. Stealing signature looks is disrespectful to designers and those who save for that crowning glory of a purchase. So be resourceful ladies! Hint: I found an old (but professionally cleaned) pair of YSL sling-backs for $30 in a vintage store recently.
#20 world peace on 2009-11-02 14:20 (Reply)
If someone wants to think I'm "trashy" for buying fake CLs, fine. I think you're an idiot for spending $1,000 (sometimes more) on a pair of shoes. I can easily afford to buy a pair of real CLs but on principle, I just can't do it. When a pair of shoes I'm going to wear maybe once a week costs ten times as much as a pair of good designer jeans (I only wear 7s) that I can wear every day, I have to take a step back. And I don't really care if people "in the know" are going to know they're fake--I don't know those people and therefore could care less what they think of me. I recently bought a pair of CLs from some website, I'm sure they were fake, but they looked nice, they were cute, and they were like, $150, which is the same price I would have spent on a pair of heels from a department store. I actually wore them to and compared them to a pair of real CLs, and they were nearly exactly the same. Even the snooty sales person in there agreed that they were extremely similar. And comfort wise? I tried on a pair of identical CL heels in a different color, and the fit and "comfort" was EXACTLY the same. So yeah, I think I made off pretty well on not paying $1,000 on a pair of shoes that was going to hurt my feet after a few hours.
#20.1 QueenBee on 2010-12-04 11:29 (Reply)
hey queenbee! awesome post!
i totally get what you're saying but PLEASE tell me where you got those 150.00 ones..
been looking for a pair that is very similar to a real pair and all I find are crappy ones.
if you read this, let me know?
#20.1.1 Liz on 2011-02-20 07:04 (Reply)
seemingly some(or all of you)NEED a good podiatrist and perhaps better yet a shrink to boot! (no pun intended,lol)

been shopping around for a pair of c.l. for someone special in my world but cannot expect to satisfy this label's cost.

recently watched how the late party crowds evening exits have them leaving(with heels in hand)only to disappoint their date with moans and complaints of(you guessed it)aching feet, cramps, and the ever concerning hyperextended ankle due to a slip off a 4inch heel.

Sure us guys have it simpler (kiss style boots notwithstanding) but argueably a great set of legs are just begging for a foot adorning shoe, and guys (if not women too) are drawn to a better built heel and those such as c.l. are that.

Can one support a whole night in them dancing, walking, eating, talking, going to the washroom, strutting the parking lot, doing stairs, managing slippery shinny floors, carpets and the worst of the worst...getting in and out of a ride...

i myself give a nod of approval to those who can collectively wear these thriller heels for all to see and envy, but if owning a pair or looking down at some poor soul who is seeking the same elation (and elevation) at a fraction of cost that these and other heels provide turns a person into a 'certified b***h' then who needs 'em?

bottom line is beatiful tootsies and legs really speak for themselves.

vanity has its casualties...
now i have to get back to finding a set as a gift come x-mas.

hell i dont care if she only wears them once! as long as they're on for me!

cheers all, and gonna check the local listings but again knock offs are everywhere and im not an officianndo, wish us luck, and luck to you all
#21 p on 2009-11-16 10:23 (Reply)
why cant we all just get along, i mean really who cares as long as the shoes r cute.
#22 heather (Homepage) on 2010-01-01 01:51 (Reply)
Loving the Louboutin manicure!
#23 Vivi (Homepage) on 2010-04-01 19:26 (Reply)
I hardly think buying OhDeer shoes from supports terrorism. Get over yourselves.
#24 Panda on 2010-05-07 09:13 (Reply)
no not from, but buying shoes from companies who make fakes do support the drug cartels, child labor, and other illegal activities. i am sure if you do a little bit of looking you will see the articles on it.

hey you can even read up about it from christian louboutin himself at

you might just learn a few things

#24.1 deviouseve on 2010-06-13 15:08 (Reply)
yep, i may be late but guess what? jobs are hard to come by and keep nowadays. and i love shoes. long live the knock-off, baby.
#25 brittany on 2010-08-11 10:44 (Reply)
Everyone please be careful with I recently decided to give this company a try because their website and return policy is so assuring:
"Remember: If the product is not as described/how it looks in the picture you are guaranteed a refund. Customer satisfaction and security is our main concern and we are continuously looking for ways to improve and serve you better. If you have any inquiries do not hesitate to contact!"

The bag that I got did not look like the picture at all. The quality of the leather is very bad. There are paint-like spots on the leather and the color is not the same as the photo they posted under the product info on their site.

The person who I corresponded with through emails - her name is Zoee - told me that the product picture on their website is an official Chanel picture and "is only a comparison in regards to style not color." They have removed it from their website since my complaint because they " decided not to put up any more comparison pictures as there are some people who are quite clearly confused."

They told me to clean the spots on the leather with some wet tissue or a soft cloth and actually advised me to "to be more careful when making purchases in the future."
#26 CassandraC on 2010-09-01 19:02 (Reply)
This whole thing is stupid!!! Who cares.... they are feet.... you walk on them.....this is a horrible and superficial conversation. I came on here because I LOVE the red soles on the black CL shoes. But you know what.... all of you people make me irritated! I am a full time student, single mother, and I work 2 jobs just so we can get by. I love my daughter and I am happy with my life. Sure I would LOVE to be able to spend $700 on a pair of freekin shoes but I much rather allow my daughter to EAT!!! Not everyone has the luxury of an unlimited cash flow and there is absolutely no reason to insult people who want to look good and can't afford the true designer labels.
#27 ReDonKuLoUs on 2010-10-24 23:25 (Reply)
Look I love nice shoes but some of this is getting a tad superficial. I know of many people who choose to save and buy more affordable shoes, even if they can shop for $700 pumps, because they choose not to wear something so indulgent when others cannot feed themselves.
#28 ShoeLvr1188 on 2010-11-24 22:44 (Reply)
A matter of economics. Let's analyze the true costs of materials (natural and man made), labor, etc. It's the vision and ambition artist presents to it's audience that invites demand. CL and the so-called biter competitors benefit in the end. Their creations and unique ideas authenticate their mission to consumers. The power to be different and/or alike is what earths our fashion enterprise at any costs.
#29 CHIO (Homepage) on 2011-07-10 17:57 (Reply)
I own several pairs of authentic Louboutins: a pr of scissors, decollates, eel altadamas, biancas, a very rare pair of Moros, very prive brode passementeries, and a pr of rolandos. I have been looking for a pair of 120mm Lucifers in black for over a year now - no luck. I'm super tempted to buy a pair of fakes because I love the look so much. I love my CLs and the quality is excellent - but I'm pretty sure Mr Louboutin has made more than enough money off of me over the years and I owe him nothing. I love the design of the Lucifers and since CL has deliberately made them scarce, I have to either not have a pair at all, or enjoy the look with a pair of fakes. I still haven't bought the fakes yet mostly because the pictures all look like stock pictures of the real ones and I'm fairly certain the quality will be more like bogo or walmart shoes.
#30 CL lover on 2011-11-01 20:15 (Reply)
I agree with all of you who own the knockoffs. We want and buy these shoes because they look great make us look great!If some women want to pay that high price just to get the Louboutin name on them, to me they are just showing off. Who cares if they aren't the originals? Who cares about a name? All shoes have a brand with many more that look the same. Someone had to make CL's design. If he hadn't come up with the red soles, someone else would have. Bottom line, knockoffs or not, the styles are the same and they still look great on your feet. In this day of hardship and bad economic times, I can get the Louboutin look for a lower cost. I can't imagine who wouldn't want to save a little? And, by the way I don't think that Louboutin is hurting much, nor in the welfare line, seeing he makes a killing on just one pair of red soled shoes. Bless his heart!
#31 Paat (Homepage) on 2012-03-30 17:34 (Reply)
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