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Are You A Fan of Havaianas Flip-Flops?

Created back in the 1960s, Havaianas flip-flops have made their way in recent years from small towns in South America, to runways and famous feet around the globe, gaining an almost cult-like following and the title "best rubber flip flops in the world."

Havaianas Top Yellow, $11.99; Slim Season Tomato, $19.99; Swarovski© Star Flower, $99. Available at

According to the company, Havaianas are made from a top secret rubber recipe that makes them soft as marshmallows, light and durable. We can't verify whether this is true or not because we won't pay more than $10 for flip-flops (we never said we weren't cheap!). Havaianas cost between $14.95 at $22.95 at a retailer like Nordstrom. Sure, that's not ridiculously expensive, but flip-flops are 2 for $10 at

Screenshot of

We will say this: We love the Havaianas official website with its kaleidoscope of colors and chill Latin beats. Who wouldn't want a piece of the Brazilian beach lovin' lifestyle they're selling? And if nothing else, they sure beat Crocs.

What do you think? Are Havaianas truly the best rubber flip-flops money can buy? Or are they just overpriced, overhyped pieces of plastic?
no, no, budget babe, you must discourage this horrible fad. flip-flops are far too ubiquitous, in offices, shopping malls, restaurants. it is really too much.
these are items to be worn at public swimming pools and locker rooms and beaches, not as a fashion statement.
podiatrists say they are bad for your feet as well.
if you are on the beach in Rio (or the Jersey shore!), fine.
otherwise, wear real shoes.
#1 maggie z on 2007-07-10 14:29 (Reply)
I may be biased but I disagree with your negative characterization of Havaianas. It's a matter of appropriateness. Dirt is a great thing in its place, but not on a white carpet. I think flip flops are perfectly fine in casual surroundings. I don't think they belong in the workplace though. And I've heard recent comments that they are actually good for your feet. My $0.02.
#2 Havaianas Flip Flops (Homepage) on 2010-04-19 15:50 (Reply)
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