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New Store Spotlight: Akira Chicago

UPDATE: Use code BUDGETBABE for 15% off any full price merchandise

Akira is a Chicago fashion phenom, and it's one of the stores I miss most now that I'm living away from home (but I always visit when I'm in town). This trend-driven boutique features a mix of high and low-end clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry. You can find designer shades and a cheap jersey top, a LaRok mini and a Free People tee, all under one roof (well, actually I think they have 6 locations now!). Their main North avenue store is a must-visit if you're ever in Chicago, but their online store is almost as impressive. It's still relatively new and they've got some work to do, but I think that if Akira plays their cards right, they could become the next Shopbop. Here are the spoils of my online hunt at Shop Akira Chicago (

BB Dakota Cupcake Dress, $64. The print. That shape! This is one hot floral frock.

Akira Leaf Print Dress, $69. If florals aren't your thing, the wispy leaf print on this dress may be calling your name.

Akira Print Skirt with Tulle, $32. Louis Vuitton and Just Cavalli made tribal chic hot for spring, and this skirt is a great way to work the trend your own way.

Akira Clutch, $34. Citrus hues are hot this season, too. Love this juicy orange color.

Classified Fenris-H Sandle, $29. Beaded and studded is the way to wear your sandals this summer.

Akira Denim Jumpsuit, $44. This denim jumpsuit has the ease and convenience of a dress: Just toss on one piece, and you're good to go.

The second dress is beautiful!!
#1 Athena (Homepage) on 2009-03-20 11:51 (Reply)
What a great find. I've been coveting that same BB Dakota dress on the Urban Outfitters web site for a while, but it costs almost $90 there! I'll definitely consider ordering it from Akira.

Love your blog!
#2 lunita on 2009-03-20 11:58 (Reply)
Keep these sites coming! I want to be well-dressed this spring!
#3 Joann on 2009-03-20 15:48 (Reply)
thank you SO much! i always had a very difficult time finding online stores that aren't too cheap or too expensive and this is precisely what i was looking for.
#4 m.s. on 2009-03-20 16:00 (Reply)
LOVE Akira. It's my first stop whenever I need a dress. Very reasonable and they definitely have price points for everyone from the budget conscious to the I wanna drop $1k right now. I find their sales associates to be extremely helpful as well.
#5 Rachelle on 2009-03-20 16:23 (Reply)
I love Akira, fortunatly I live close to one of the stores. I'll walk in just for 1 specific item, and walk out with much more than anticipated :-)
#5.1 Stephanie on 2009-05-12 16:37 (Reply)
The leaf print dress is gorgeous.
#6 Claudia on 2009-03-21 09:54 (Reply)
I am loving your blog. Thanks for all of these great new shops you've been featuring. I think my fave so far is Akira Online.
#7 Crystal (Homepage) on 2009-03-21 16:54 (Reply)
Oh noes! Not another marvelous site. Goodbye money, HELLO FABULOUS! LOL

Love that denim jumpsuit--do you think a lightweight (like a tissue) cardigan would kill the look? I'd feel too exposed... I'm OLD. :-) snickering

That dress is amazing, too. Off to look ahem at that site now...
#8 Maglet (Homepage) on 2009-03-21 17:23 (Reply)
A cardigan would work really well with the jumpsuit, no doubt. Go for it :-)
#8.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-03-21 20:25 (Reply)
I just want to thank you for posting such an amazing website. Not only are the prices fair; the style of clothing on the website is amazing. There is so much I want!
#9 Adri (Homepage) on 2009-03-22 11:46 (Reply)
I love the white dress with purple flowers
#10 maçã (Homepage) on 2009-03-22 13:02 (Reply)
i love akira! been shopping @ the north avenue for a while now. it's also nice because they'll sometimes be giving out random coupon cards for $10 off any purchase and they never expire and they can be used on sale items, too!
#11 Eileen on 2009-03-22 20:16 (Reply)
As soon as I checked out Akira's site after reading your post I knew I was in trouble. I managed to only order 3 things (it was hard) and they just came in today! I tried them on and they all work perfectly. In a few weeks I'm taking a trip to Chicago and am definitely going to check out this store in person. I would love to get my hands on one of those $10 off coupons before I go!
#12 Christa on 2009-03-24 15:48 (Reply)
Wow! A few days after I commented on this blog post Akira sent me a $10 coupon in the mail with a nice postcard saying they saw my comment. I love this store!
#13 Christa on 2009-03-28 15:40 (Reply)
My girlfriend absolutely loves this store. Anytime we are anywhere in the city, she makes sure that we drop in to Akira on North Avenue in Bucktown. I even mentioned it in my blog as the most popular fashion hotspot in Chicago.
#14 Philip Nowak (Homepage) on 2009-04-07 18:28 (Reply)
I was just introduced to this store Akira. I am from chicago, but now live on the east coast. I would love if they had a birthday club where they give their customers like buy one get one half off for their birthday...something to show that they appreciate the customer
#15 asia thurston on 2010-07-15 12:22 (Reply)
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