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Spring's 10 Best Tulip Skirts from $13 to $69

Spring Fashion 2009 Best Tulip Skirt Trend on a Budget

Yesterday I tracked down the season's best denim jackets, and today I'm presenting some of the best tulip skirts around, ranging in price from just $12.80 to $69. As seen on the runways of Lanvin and Tracy Reese, the tulip skirt is a fresh silhouette that will add new life to your warm weather wardrobe. As the name suggests, a tulip skirt has more fabric around the waistline and a close-fitting hemline, similar to an inverted tulip flower. If you're worried about drawing attention to the hip area, fear not: It's all about finding the right length of tulip skirt and balancing it out with the right top (experimentation is key). Go for a high-waist to create a glorious hourglass silhouette. If you've got straight hips, the tulip skirt is a nice way to add some instant curves (which is what I'm banking on). Personally, I think Banana Republic presents the perfect tulip skirt - I love how they've styled it with a short-sleeve scoopneck sweater, platform sandals and a statement necklace. Think you'll be trying this trend?

To see all 10 skirts, browse the widget below for details:
i am so into tulip skirts as well. i bought one a few months ago from top shop for like 13 bucks on sale! i love tulip skirts!!! and puffy skirts too! great finds budget babe!
#1 anh (Homepage) on 2009-03-26 13:34 (Reply)
I'm curious to try it ... I imagined it would make me look hippy, but you're right: With the right top for balance, it could work!
#2 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-03-26 13:49 (Reply)
I was stalking the tulip hot pink skirt from wet seal online and finally went to try it on at the store. It was so awkward on me, I'm pretty short so that's why. The pleats made it even more awkward on me. It's such a cute skirt though, i think someone taller than me can pull it off better than i can.

thanks for this post, now i can look at other skirts similar to the one i wanted!!
#3 DY on 2009-03-26 14:30 (Reply)
I LOVE tulip skirts. This post made my day. I've found the best way to wear them is over a tank top/t-shirt.
#4 Vivian on 2009-03-26 16:01 (Reply)
love the tulip skirts! i find that they're more casual/girly than pencil skirts my second fav : )
#5 piggy on 2009-03-26 18:28 (Reply)
my comments always get cut off! O_O!? i usually write a lot, and it comes out only a few words .
#6 piggy on 2009-03-26 18:30 (Reply)
hey, that happens anytime there's a certain type of "emoticon" such as a heart -- i'm trying to figure out why that's happening, thanks for your patience. in the meantime, i fixed your last comment - should be ok now! :-) BB
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-03-26 19:47 (Reply)
I love the skirts in the pictures, and I can’t wait to try on a tulip skirt myself! I am also worried about the “attention to the hip area” factor, but I think that with the right fit and the right top, I could rock this look (I hope). So cute for spring! (which has yet to arrive to Moscow…)
#7 Sonia on 2009-03-27 06:05 (Reply)
I am in love with the yellow/gold banana republic tulip skirt! And the high wasted nature of these skirts always makes me feel good because they accentuate the smallest part of your waist (which is awesome) and the best part is now until March 29 you can get an extra 20% off at BR online!Code = EXTRA20
#8 J (Homepage) on 2009-03-27 08:13 (Reply)
I always think tulip skirts are kind of funky-looking, honestly, but that blue one that actually looks like a tulip is kind of awesome. :-D

Also, hey BB, did you get my reply to your email? ;p
#9 Sandra on 2009-03-27 11:45 (Reply)
Yes I believe so, just responded! :-)
#9.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-03-27 15:49 (Reply)
I find tulips skirts to be very sweet-looking, but I doubt that I can pull it off. I'm short, and my figure is similar to Shakira's (basically, I can't picture her wearing it either :o). I do like the high-waisted one (bottom middle)... although I still haven't jumped on the high-waisted skirt trend either-- I've always loved the sleek, modern look it gives to people, but I'm dreading the idea of trying it on and finding that I look about 2 feet tall.
#10 Claudia on 2009-03-28 10:37 (Reply)
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