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Off the Rack: Tracy Feith for Target

Tracy Feith for Target

The Tracy Feith for Target collection hit stores this past Sunday, and yours truly was there to check it out. From adorable ruffled bikinis to south-of-the-border inspired blouses, this collection from designer Tracy Feith was bohemian luxe-for-less at its best! Here are some of the highlights from the collection, let me know if you have specific questions about any of the items and I'll do my best to answer them.

Tracy Feith for Target

With it's folk art-inspired embroidery and lace detailing, this dress instantly took me back to my early childhood days when Mother forced encouraged me to embrace my ethnic heritage with Polish dance lessons.

[1] Tracy Feith For Target Embroidered Dress - Ebony, $39.99

Tracy Feith for Target

This dress made me giggle. It had a sort of MILF-y vibe to it, don't ask why...

[2] Tracy Feith for Target Pique Print Dress - Hibiscus Floral Orange, $39.99

Tracy Feith for Target

Clean lines, cool colors and a fabulous exposed-zipper detail made me ignore the fact that this mod shift felt like a canvas tent.

[3] Tracy Feith for Target Canvas Dress - Ebony, $39.99

Tracy Feith for Target

I especially loved the contrast of cherry red and sky blue on this boho-chic blouse, which would look adorable with jeans or short shorts for a Memorial Day BBQ. The skirt was also a hit, I'd wear it with a simple white tank and flat sandals for easy summer style.

[4] Tracy Feith for Target Embroidered Top - Lollipop Red, $24.99
[5] Tracy Feith for Target Canvas Print Skirt - Hawaiian Floral, $29.99

Tracy Feith for Target

This cheeky little number had a decidedly boudoir feel to it. Utterly inappropriate for most everyday occasions but absolutely thrilling for playing dress-up.

[6] Tracy Feith for Target Floral Strppy Dress - Wave Ecru, $39.99

Tracy Feith for Target

Made of summer-ready linen, this hooded pullover wooed me with its bright geometric design. The perfect beach cover-up!

[7] Tracy Feith for Target Hooded Pullover - Multi, $24.99

Tracy Feith for Target

Don't worry, I'd never wear these bloomer shorts in public, but they were a riot to try on! The fun floral top was cute, but I'd much rather rock this print as a skirt.

[8] Tracy Feith for Target Crazy Daisy Print Top - Pink Multi, $24.99
[9] Tracy Feith for Target Bloomer Short - Ebony, $29.99

I don't know how I feel about the prints on this new collection (eh)
but I kind of like the boudoir-esque dress you have on, cute!
#1 Neira (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 11:55 (Reply)
Everything looks really, really short! Even shorter than the usual GO items. I saw these in the store yesterday, and the only one I was interested in was the mod canvas dress, but it did feel like you'd be wearing a canvas sack, so I think pass.

LOL at your MILF comment. That was my thought, too, but a MILF in 1970 instead of 2009.

Did you end up buying any of these pieces?
#2 Lynda (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 12:01 (Reply)
Totally retro-MILF, LOL. But cute! At least the skirt-length was appropriate. That's one piece I may go back for, because no, I didn't buy anything on this trip :-)
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-05-19 13:16 (Reply)
Love this line! There’s a great new book out called “The Power of Small.” It was written by two marketing experts, Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, and it’s all about being successful by paying attention to the small things. This line clearly does that…it seems very detailed for such inexpensive price points. Looking good makes you feel good and it’s really the small things that make that happen:)
#3 Carol on 2009-05-19 13:00 (Reply)
Thanks for showing us these, so we can see the designs on a real person. I live in the city and can't make it out to Target.

#4 Stephanie on 2009-05-19 13:36 (Reply)
How is the sizing? Does it run small (like a Juniors line) or is it mostly true to size?
#5 Mia on 2009-05-19 14:29 (Reply)
Juniors sizing, and some items seem to run small. Your best bet is to try this stuff on in person if possible.
#5.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-05-19 19:12 (Reply)
Super cute! I got that red/blue top, it's adorable in person. I wanted the black dress with the same pattern but it was way too short on me. I found the sizing ran SO weird though!
#6 J (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 14:40 (Reply)
I love your take on the Tracy Feith line! Very creative pics. Check out mine too. I just posted my review yesterday :-) BTW, did you get anything from the collection? I was hoping to get more than what I did eventually get.
#7 I Am Recessionista (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 14:41 (Reply)
Thanks, I'm heading to your site now! And sadly no, I didn't buy anything yet but I might get the hibiscus print dress...we'll see :-)
#7.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-05-19 19:09 (Reply)
I saw these yesterday at Target (woot! finally went there!) but I didn't see anything I liked. Like others noted it was VERY short looking - I did like the zip up dress with spagetti straps and all the colours it came in but I wouldn't spend over $30 at Target!
#8 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 16:16 (Reply)
I don't like this collection with the exception of that floral strappy dress (you look so cute!)
#9 Mee on 2009-05-19 20:21 (Reply)
It looks really cute! Most of the GO International stuff have been too dressy...things that I wouldn't usually wear. The first black dress you posted looks really cute! The leather biker jacket looks good too. Too bad I'm out of the country...or I'd go check it out for sure!
#10 Pretty Lil' Things (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 21:27 (Reply)
I just went today to check out the collection! (after I realized I really needed to go see this for myself)
and i definitely have to say they looked much better on you then it did on the racks! the orange/yellow linen dress was giving me a headache and definitely looked like a mumu on a hanger haha but there was this adorable black strapless A-line dress that was gorgeous and fit really well, it was probably the most basic piece of the collection but it definitely stood out, for $45 dollars I might have to go back and buy it!
#11 Neira (Homepage) on 2009-05-19 23:26 (Reply)
#12 Crista (Homepage) on 2009-05-20 08:11 (Reply)
From one polish babe to another ;-) I have to say I am not a fan!!! maybe just of the daisy shirt! bummer!
#13 Real Style Real people (Homepage) on 2009-05-20 08:14 (Reply)
I actually liked a lot of the pieces, but the pieces I didn't like...I really didn't like. Like the wind jacket (hideous). I was hoping to sneak a peak at the leather jacket, but my Target didn't have it. BOO. I totally agree that most of the dresses are way way way to short for everyday wear, but I like to layer :-) So, I did buy item #5 (super short no possible way to wear that as a dress) but I plan to wear it with jeans or possibly leggings! And I bought the cobalt blue dress with the zipper in the front (so adorable). I love what you've done with this post BB very creative! J'adore!

#14 Talk Pretty To Me (Homepage) on 2009-05-20 08:29 (Reply)
So many cute pieces, so many SHORT HEMLINES!
#15 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-05-20 11:35 (Reply)
You look super cute sweetie, I like this on you, it seems to fit your personality!
#16 budget chic (Homepage) on 2009-05-20 11:38 (Reply)
Thanks for reviewing/modeling the new line, BB! I love when you do this--it's great to see the clothing on a "real" person.

I'd love to see you do the same for the new "Love 21" contemporary line that just came out at Forever 21! From the looks of the clothes online, they look adorable, but I'd love to see a similar spread from you. Thanks!
#17 Emily on 2009-05-20 12:29 (Reply)
Thanks ladies, I like to think I'm the guinea pig for showing how these clothes look in real life.

Love 21 isn't being carried in any stores near me yet but I'm fixin' to order some stuff online soon. It looks amazing on the models, at least!
#17.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-05-20 13:49 (Reply)
I went to Target and the first piece i saw was the Floral Strppy Dress - Wave Ecru. I was floored by how NO ONE was looking at this dress! I HAD TO TRY IT ON and it fit like a glass slipper! just absolutely perfect that i had to get it right then and there! I agree some of the stuff looks crazy but you have to try it one to like it! :-) thanks for modeling the clothes! such an inspiration!
#17.1.1 Christina on 2009-05-21 16:31 (Reply)
It all looks so cute on you! Only the fluorescent dregs of the collection were left when I went on Thursday, so I was not much of a fan. I loved the little underwear...they would be perfect under a floaty summer skirt, alas...I am not a size 4.
#18 Chic and Charming (Homepage) on 2009-05-24 11:54 (Reply)
I just bought the little bloomer shorts yesterday, and I adore them! :-) They seem perfect to me for out and about, even if they are a bit short. I'm also planning to work them into a (hopefully awesome) ero-lolita coordination.
Thanks for modeling them, though, I needed more ideas on how to wear them...
#19 Amy on 2009-05-30 18:40 (Reply)
how doe the bloomer shorts fit? true to size? I can't figure out which to buy online! thanks :-)
#20 Ailce (Homepage) on 2009-07-05 18:16 (Reply)
true to size just keep in mind it's juniors sizing.
#20.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-07-06 12:17 (Reply)
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