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The Look for Less: Dogeared Peace Necklace

Dogeared at ShopStyle

You've probably noticed Dogeared jewelry at department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and perhaps you even collect these diminutive charms which are accompanied with positive, life-affirming messages. Ahhhh. I think they make great gifts but you definitely pay a premium for these tiny everyday jewels because of the brand name. This Dogeared "Peace" necklace in 14k gold-dipped sterling silver/gold filled chain is $68 at

Here's another item you may have spotted…at Target. I noticed these while hunting for some Erickson Beamon on sale. Target has copied Dogeared down to the recycled-cardboard card that comes with each pendant and the sentimental phrase. This polished silvertone finish Peace Pendant with a sterling silver cable chain sells for $14.99 at Target stores and I'm curious to know what the quality is like. You often get what you pay for with jewelry, but not always—I recently paid something like $66 for a Rachel Leigh necklace which tarnished within days of wearing it (and it did not add to the piece's character in any way. It looks dull and lackluster and I hardly wear it anymore.)

Has anyone had any experience with Dogeared? With Target's inspired-by pendants?

I haven't seen the Dogeared look-alikes at Target, but I do own a dogeared necklace. Mine is a gold chain with a pearl and I absolutely love it. I believe I paid 50-something for it at Bloomingdales about 3 months ago and it has not tarnished at all. I've even wore it during my vacation and it was exposed to ocean water, pool water, and lots of sunscreen, and it still looks just as good as the day I bought it. It's cute and simple - and would make a great gift! Definitely worth every penny.
#1 Kaitlyn on 2009-06-30 19:19 (Reply)
I have one of the Target necklaces and I love it. I've only had it a few weeks but I wear it all the time and it is not tarnished at all yet. I really love the length of it----the charm falls perfectly into that little indention at the base of your neck. I totally recommend it!
#2 Liz on 2009-06-30 19:32 (Reply)
Yeah, these are nice pieces. I have some and they're really wonderful for everyday use.

Well, you do get your money's worth. :-)

#3 dreamer_swan (Homepage) on 2009-07-01 05:06 (Reply)
I clicked on the link and was surprised that the the necklace that target is selling is exactly the same. Do you think they made some kind of deal with Dogeared to sell them? They may be the Dogeared necklaces and they are just reselling them.
#4 Stacey on 2009-07-01 14:28 (Reply)
I have three Dogeared necklaces. They're my favorites, so easy to layer and you can wear them with anything. I've had one for about 3 years and I still love it.
#5 j (Homepage) on 2009-07-06 23:58 (Reply)
I really like the Dogeared necklaces and I've never seen them at Target but I will look for them. I'm not sure how people layer the dogeared necklaces because when I asked at Nordstroms they said they're all the same length, either 16 or 18 inches, I forget?
#6 Jenny on 2009-07-27 15:59 (Reply)
They have similar wish and initial necklaces at Kohl's that are even better than the Target options. And they are sterling silver, so they will last. I wear mine all the time!

Like these:
#7 Ruth on 2009-11-22 11:44 (Reply)
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