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Four Perforated Boots: Would You Wear One?

Four Perforated Boots: Would You Wear One?

Perforated panels give footwear a fashionable edge and makes boots breezy enough to wear in warm weather. I can see how perforation might repel many women, but I'm actually loving Aldo's flat perforated boot (#3) with its subtle color and architectural silhouette. How about you, would you wear any of these boots?

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Perhaps. I like the versions with the smaller mesh ... the last heeled boot is my fave.
#1 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-07-14 12:01 (Reply)
I'm torn. They aren't practical, but I like the look of them, especially in nude tones. If I could wear high heels I would go for #2. But Alas I would have to wear #3...prob just won't be as flattering.

Guess what BB? I'm in the latest issue of Self Magazine! :-P
#2 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-07-14 12:02 (Reply)
Totally sympathize! How come all the cute shoes are heels? I can't wear them due to Very Fussy Feet. :-(

Tell us more about the magazine appearance, dude :-)
#2.1 Sandra on 2009-07-14 13:31 (Reply)
number 2!
#3 jennifer on 2009-07-14 15:09 (Reply)
On an entirely aesthetic level, I really like them, but once I begin to think about function and comfort...not so much. However, #2 is look really cute to me. Alas,in my dry, dusty area this boot wouldn't be so great. No one wants a sweaty, dirty foot, ne?
#4 Samantha (Homepage) on 2009-07-15 02:07 (Reply)
I'm torn, too! I like the look of them, but I'm not sure how I could pull them off...
#5 Angie on 2009-07-15 07:40 (Reply)
Meh. I'm not going to be buying these. They're okay but I'd probably wear them once.

Plus, my boyfriend would laugh at me if I brought them home. I'll stick with my sexy stilettos.

I'm sure I'll see them on a hip looking girl when I'm out at dinner somewhere trendy and think she looks amazing in them.
#6 Lex on 2009-07-15 11:13 (Reply)
I love this look. I would wear #1, #3 and #4. I don't love the flat look (sorry Budget Babe!).

I'd wear these with skinny jeans, a tank, colorful scarf and big sunglasses.
#7 Jo from Canada on 2009-07-15 11:23 (Reply)
No. 2 but I think I'll leave that for the younger set, like yourself wink
#8 budget chic on 2009-07-16 15:31 (Reply)
I really don't like it, it looks like those plastic barbie shoes they sell little girls to play dress up in
#9 Justine Urbikas on 2009-07-16 23:09 (Reply)
What's weird is that the Pour La Victoire boots look exactly like the Alaia's. I don't know the name of those ones, but one of the Olsens had them in... black, I believe. I really do love that style though, so those are the ones I would wear.
#10 Moni (Homepage) on 2009-07-18 08:03 (Reply)
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