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My New Boots from Payless

Earlier today I printed my 50% off Payless coupon from and picked up these American Eagle boots that I had been wanting since this post. The boots were on sale for $39.99 down from $44.99, so I paid $20. Not bad for comfy boots that fit my needs perfectly! Take advantage of this deal soon because the coupon expires tomorrow!

Shown above: Forever 21 jacket, United Colors of Benetton camisole, Anna Sui for Target silk tunic, Twelve by Twelve leggings, Payless boots, Merona watch

They look great! I'm totally going to take advantage. Thanks for the tip/links! :-)
#1 Trude (Homepage) on 2009-10-29 17:54 (Reply)
Stunning! You wear those boots beautifully, BB. You should have been the model for them :0)
#2 angie (Homepage) on 2009-10-29 18:11 (Reply)
More importantly, where did you get that top?!!?!?!?!
#3 Melanie on 2009-10-29 18:16 (Reply)
Anna Sui for Target, on clearance for like $12.98. If you want something similar better act quick, the collection is nearly sold out at most stores. Good luck!
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-10-29 18:33 (Reply)
You are totally rocking that tunic! The whole outfit looks great on you!
#3.1.1 Nikki on 2009-10-29 20:03 (Reply)
omg that jacket looks amazing! i need one1
#4 Daniela Ramirez (Homepage) on 2009-10-29 19:11 (Reply)
I can't believe you got that top for super cheap. I didn't think the Ana Sui stuff would ever go on sale. Perfect look. I love it.
#5 Dina's Days (Homepage) on 2009-10-29 20:02 (Reply)
i'm obsessed with finding that exact f21 jacket. i can't find it online or in-stores. ugh!!!
#6 Lea on 2009-10-29 20:35 (Reply)
I HEART them!

I printed my coupon so I'm definitely buying the same pair. I've been eyeing them for weeks now.

I was going to purchase Paisy this week, but I decided on a pair of black suede over the knee boots. More unique, but for 50% off... I gotta get them tomorrow. Thanks!
#7 Jade on 2009-10-29 22:26 (Reply)
Your entire outfit is lovely. The boots take the cake!
#8 Roxanne on 2009-10-29 23:08 (Reply)
wow! thanks for sharing the coupon:) boots looks great. i'll have to print this out asap!
#9 Blurbage (Homepage) on 2009-10-30 00:37 (Reply)
You look great!
#10 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2009-10-30 01:21 (Reply)
What a steal!
#11 Sally (Homepage) on 2009-10-30 08:26 (Reply)
those boots look great on ya! and they dont look like payless shoes at all! good deal!
#12 anh (Homepage) on 2009-10-30 08:35 (Reply)
Killer boots, killer tunic, killer jacket! A smash hit!
#13 Maddy (Homepage) on 2009-10-30 11:08 (Reply)
I saw a pair of Siriano heels online that are fab. I hope I can find them in the store.
#14 Tracie on 2009-10-30 11:16 (Reply)
Thank you, BB! I printed the coupon and ran out on my lunch hour to purchase those boots.
#15 Crystal on 2009-10-30 12:12 (Reply)
I printed the coupon out, too! I ran over there at lunch and scored those boots, 3 scarves and a purse for less than $45!! Thank you BB!!
#16 Beth B on 2009-10-30 14:49 (Reply)
Loves it!
#16.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-10-30 16:47 (Reply)
I woke up at 8am to call my nearest Payless about those shoes in 9.5M. They didn't have 'em, so I called the Payless stores downtown. The phones were busy, but I found out that they don't do holds today. I was out waiting for the bus in literally 10 minutes. I NEEDED those boots. I went to the location in River North, and to my surprise, they were ... empty. State Street stores must be having a hell of a day, because I couldn't get through and I could barely hear the employee with the background shopping noise.

Anyway, they were -not- on sale. What! Oh well, I got a pair, thanks to your coupon link. Payless had THE comfiest slouchy brown boots btw. :-)
#17 Jade on 2009-10-30 16:44 (Reply)
You look amazing! Love your style! :-)
#18 Anika on 2009-10-30 22:48 (Reply)
BB- u are the best!!!!
I got an American Eagle Marley boots, suede in black! On sale for $29.99 and got it for $15!!!!
Love it!
#19 Anne on 2009-10-31 00:17 (Reply)
my target had the anna sui on sale too! well, the one that had it on sale was actually the target that didn't carry the line. i guess they wanted to get rid of it because i believe whatever stock they had was from returns. i scored the tunic on sale too, but i believe for $20. i love it and it looks great on you!

also, i used the payless coupon too :o) it was hard NOT to use it. i wanted to buy like so much but i held myself back and bought 2 christian siriano bags (one for me, one for mom for christmas), the christian heels that sort of look gladiator-ish, and two pairs of christian flats. i could not pass them up for like $15 a piece! i wish i would have looked more (i overheard there was a 15 item limit) but i know i have to behave myself with shoes :o)
#20 fashion court (Homepage) on 2009-10-31 02:17 (Reply)
Thanks so much for the heads-up on the coupon! I went into the store and actually got the exact same pair of boots plus a pair of Alice+ Olivia flats that were already marked down to $10. Score! I tried the coupon on the internet earlier, though, and it wouldn't work...but oh well!

As for Anna Sui, that top looks great on you! But only $12? I want your Target. The AS stuff at my local Targets are still only marked down to 30% off. I'm waiting for at least 50% to get final pickings, as I already bought two of the dresses at full price in fear that they'd be gone.
#21 Lynda on 2009-10-31 11:04 (Reply)
Nice! There's nothing like boots you can walk in--unfortunately, I've hit my limit of black boots at three pairs.
#22 kristophine (Homepage) on 2009-10-31 12:19 (Reply)
This look is so you! Love it!!
#23 budget chic (Homepage) on 2009-11-02 05:39 (Reply)
Thank you so much for the tip!! I went and got two pairs of boots, a pair of purple booties(that I am completely in love with) and a fun pair of flats!! I too love this outfit! Very well put together. Happy Shopping!!
#24 Katie J on 2009-11-02 12:31 (Reply)
Those boots look fantastic on you and I love your outfit!
#25 J @ The Look 4 Less (Homepage) on 2010-02-16 12:05 (Reply)
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