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Clothing Clones: Are We Seeing Double?

During a recent trip to Steve and Barry's, we came across two strikingly similar sweaters. The one on the left is from Amanda Bynes's Dear line; the one on the right is from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line. Innn-teresting...

Dear and Bitten SJP sweaters

Maybe it's just us, but these two striped, v-neck sweaters appear to be the same garment (except for the colors). Same fabric, same country of origin. Coincidence? We think not.

This is purely speculation, but it makes you wonder whether the celebrity "designers" were really as involved in the process as they claim to be. Does this mean they just showed some pre-made sweater to SJP and said, "Pick your colors," then showed the same pre-made sweater to Amanda Byne's and said, "Pick two different colors"?

If you saw two identical sweaters, but with different tags, wouldn't you be suspicious?