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Fashion Word of the Week: Chevron

Impress friends with your fashion know-how by dropping the word chevron into a conversation, which is just a fancy way to describe those rad V-shaped stripe patterns that are cropping up everywhere for Spring. Vivid and bold, chevron stripes punctuate accessories and fool the eye for your figure's benefit on swimsuits. Get your chev-ron with the budget-friendly finds above.

Clockwise from top: Naughty Monkey Chevron Striped Pump at Lulu's, $72; Jovovich-Hawk for Target Swimsuit, $29.99; Arrowstripe Longsleeve Dolman at, $22.80; Printed Scarf Bag at, $11.70; Chevron Stripe Onepiece at, £28.00; Background: Chevron Apron at, $14.00