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Rogan for Target Review

The Rogan for Target GO International collection hit stores yesterday, and yours truly was there to check it out. First, the bad news: I'm feeling a little under the weather, so that may account for the fact that nothing really impressed me, and nothing really looked flattering on me, hence I'm only posting the two outfits above. The selection at my nearest Target was also super slim, so I'll probably go back in a week or so when they get more stuff.

Now for the good news: Rogan's collection is sure to please cool chicks looking for a piece of green fashion action at dirt cheap prices. There are lightweight tees, tanks and tops; swimsuits and cover-ups; plus casual dresses, skirts and jumpsuits (didn't have my The color palette is pleasingly neutral, punched up with a few brights. I gravitated towards the teal relaxed-fit linen and cotton blend tee (above left, $19.99), and a few understated animal prints, like the zebra print skirt (above left, $34.99) and leopard print racerback tank (above right, $16.99).

Now back to the bad news (sorry!): The tee was a bit scratchy. The zebra print skirt was a tad too short. And nothing else fit me properly, namely, the denim pencil skirt (above right, $34.99), a one-piece zebra print bathing suit (cute, but too short in the torso) and a skimpy cotton halter dress (if you order one online, size up).

The mood of the collection was somewhat cold and joyless. The stark styles seemed to be a reprimand for society's excessive consumerism, rather than a celebration of the green movement. I'm not sure this was Gregory's intent. He's probably just trying to delineate the new wave of eco-friendly fashion from the old, treehugging hippie garb by stressing cool silhouettes and edgy, urban details...but what do I know. OK, I'll get off my soap box now.

What does everyone think of the Rogan for Target collection so far? Thoughts, please!