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Dean Harris Jewelry for Target

Dean Harris for Target
Green Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver $44.99; Sterling Silver and Quartz Marquis Vine Earrings in Green $49.99

Accessories designer Dean Harris is set to launch a limited-edition jewelry collection for Target, which will be available at most stores nationwide and at August 17 through December 26, 2008.

While I'm not blown away, I can see myself wearing a lot of these pieces and reaching for them on those mornings when I want something simple and understated...which is quite often these days, especially when it comes to jewelry. Perhaps my style pendulum is swinging away from bling for the summer, despite the recent popularity of statement necklaces and other bold baubles. Bah. Who am I kidding? I love all shiny things! It just depends on my mood and the occasion. And that's why every woman needs lots of jewelry at her disposal, naturally. What do you think?

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