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Luxe vs. Less: The Oversized Clutch

Oversized python clutches

I love the idea of carrying an oversized clutch, one of the hottest trends in handbags right now. Granted, they're not exactly practical. On the contrary, the oversized clutch is cumbersome and frivolous at best--and that's why we love them! Of course, we are sane enough to recognize that one shouldn't spend a lot on this trend. I'm still holding out for the perfect vintage find, but in the meantime, I saw these Mossimo oversized embossed clutches at Target a little while back, and thought they're not half bad. They come in a variety of colors and measure in at a whopping 11.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches. Yup, that's a whole lotta clutch for not a whole lotta cash ($16.99). The Jessica Simpson label makes a similar oversized clutch called the "Pacha," which also comes in a great range of colors, and costs $68 at

What do you think of the whole "oversized" clutch trend?