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Beauty Review: Revlon CustomEyes Shadow and Liner Palettes

Revlon was kind enough to send us some of their new product, CustomEyes Shadow & Liner, for review recently; our resident beauty maven (aka my sister Chantal) puts them to the test. —BB

by Chantal B.
Six different sets of colors offer a lot of different options, and there is definitely a palette to suit everyone's taste. Cute, compact and easy to use with a helpful numbered picture on the back, Revlon's new CustomEyes kits are a great way to learn how to apply different shadow colors to different parts of the eye area to create fun, flirty or dramatic looks. The color mixing in each palette is really spot on - you can tell they took the time to pick colors that will look really fantastic together (and makes my life easy so I don't have to worry about mixing two colors that will look freaky).

But not all the palettes seem to be created equal. There are some that are fantastic, some that I will accept for the price and one that just disappoints.