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Health and Wellness at Target

Earlier this month, Target hosted a health and wellness event in New York City to get the word out on their commitment to healthy living. My writer KC, who attended the event on behalf of The Budget Babe, gives us the scoop. —TBB

by KC
Target's Health Haven Resort & Well-being Club event was an oasis of calm, serenity and goodness. Taking a very holistic approach to well-being, Target highlighted a full range of their products meant to take care of you from the inside out.

First up, celebrity yogi and fitness expert (and total sweetheart) Kristin McGee demonstrated some amazing yoga poses in the C9 by Champion activewear line exclusively at Target. Time to start practicing long before I can do this pose?

In addition to being comfortable to move in with great support, Kristin mentioned how she'll sometimes throw on a pair of boots and a scarf over her workout gear, and voila, instant cute outfit! I'm sure we've all done this, right ladies?

Rodarte Fall 2012 Nail Looks by Deborah Lippmann

Here's another show I didn't get to cover in person, but the team at Deborah Lippmann filled me in (and hopefully I can go backstage next season - Rodarte is definitely one of my "dream tickets" for Fashion Week.) For Fall 2012, the Mulleavy sisters envisioned an earthy, almost dusty nail to complement their collection which took its inspiration from Australia. Bronze and golden shimmer was used in the makeup looks, so nail pro Deborah Lippmann came up with the perfect combination for the nails using two coats of No More Drama, a sultry golden caramel (fun fact: it was created with Mary J. Blige), topped with her Flat Top matte-maker top coat. I love how a matte top coat can completely change the look and feel of any given polish, and I'd definitely give this mani a go. Whether you're weathering a dust storm in the Outback or just getting through the work day, I think it's a chic nail look to mix things up. Would you wear it?

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