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Classic Cutie: Reese Witherspoon's Button-Front Cardigan and Red Print Heels Look for Less

Reese Witherspoon's black cardigan and red print heels outfit idea
This recent outfit we spotted on Reese Witherspoon has us thinking about updated classics, and how little things like accessories can go a long way in upping your overall style quotient.

She starts with a black button-front cardigan and on-trend jeans, then adds some red print heels and a red lip for kick.

The pièce de résistance of our budget-friendly recreation is this Barrington 'St. Anne Tote' which we've seen touted by many a stylish fashion blogger. You get the upscale look and quality of of, say, Louis Vuitton, at a fraction of the price (just $145, and you can add a monogram for $5!). This is a bag you'll carry all the time which brings the cost-per-wear down, too. Much classier than anything faux!

Read on for the complete look for less (because saving money is always in fashion):