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Win Cool Stuff: Patrick Dempsey 2 Perfume

And the winner is… #9 Teresa! Congratulations to our winner and thanks to everyone who entered.

Win Cool Stuff: Patrick Dempsey 2 Perfume

Please note: This contest is now closed to further entries.

Enter for your chance to win a sultry bottle of Patrick Dempsey 2, the second fragrance developed in partnership with actor Patrick Dempsey exclusively for Avon! PD2 is an Oriental Spicy fragrance that blends surprising, enticing spices with hints of wood and musk. The actor took inspiration from the strong connection he shares with his wife, Avon Global Creative Color Director Jillian Dempsey, who appears with her hunky husband in PD2's advertising shots.

"There's a very personal dimension to the fragrance," says Dempsey. "This scent evokes the feeling of strength and intimacy you experience with the person you love."

To enter, tell us which scents remind you of that special someone in your life in the comments section below.

Contest Details:

  • Contest ends Tuesday, December 22th at 12 noon EST. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, December 23th.

  • Open to readers ages 18 and older, living in the continental US

  • One entry per reader

  • Be sure to add info(at) to your email safe list so you can be notified if you're the winner.

Florals remind me of my mom and when i want to feel pretty. Musty smells remind me of a sexy man.
#1 kathy davis on 2009-12-15 14:48
Vannila reminds me of my mom, but my favorite scents to wear are some kind of mint.
#2 Lauren on 2009-12-15 15:03
D & G Light Blue for Men reminds me of the current man in my life :-)
#3 Jessica Smith on 2009-12-15 15:40
Abercombie and Fitch reminds me of a special
someone who I am adoring...its just enough
to make my liver quiver! :-)
#4 Kim Ramos on 2009-12-15 16:10
Boss by Hugo Boss reminds me of my special someone!
#5 Brittany on 2009-12-15 16:30
The smell of pine reminds me of my boyfriend, because we always go camping together. :]
#6 Carrie on 2009-12-15 16:43
My boyfriend has an Ecko cologne that smells fantastic on him....but my favorite scent is intrinsic to him. Its that certain je ne sais quoi 'boy-scent' that he has when he's not wearing any other fragrance. I'll sometimes randomly catch a fleeting whiff of something that smells similar when I'm at the mall or out and about without him, and it makes me weak at the knees every time!
#7 Srujana on 2009-12-15 17:41
Old Spice reminds me of my BF, as he's been wearing it since we started dating over 7 years ago.

When I was really young, my mom used to wear White Shoulders (I think that was the name?) and whenever I smell it I still think of her, even though she hasn't worn it in ages.
#8 Lindsay Y. on 2009-12-15 19:00
I have all these funny memories of patchouli from being a teenager. Not sure I would say it was a memory of "someone" special but certainly a special time in my life.
#9 Teresa on 2009-12-15 23:12
Dry hay. My husband is from a family of farmers in rural PA. While he knows nothing about farmer, I can't help but think of the endless rolling fields of corn and wheat with barns in the distance. The crops appear like golden glimmering seas when sunshine beams onto them. The fields create waves from the the slightest breeze. The air is fresh and crisp from the surrounding forests of oaks and evergreens. Yes, my husband has the faintest scent of the country ... dry hay. It provokes memories of us visiting his family's farm and spending hours outside doing nothing but relax from the hectic Chicago life.
#10 Jade on 2009-12-16 09:43
Old Spice deodorant reminds me of my boyfriend! It's a great manly smell :-)
#11 styleezta on 2009-12-16 11:05
Old Spice deodarant reminds me of my 1st boyfriend...
#12 alex on 2009-12-16 17:10
Vanilla reminds me of my mom's perfume. Delicious fresh baked cookies remind me of my grandma.
And the smell of wet dog reminds of, well, my dog =)
#13 Sheryl Lynn on 2009-12-17 09:17
I love Polo. It reminds me of when me and my husband first met. He needs something new though. Great giveaway.
#14 Ysenia Ramirez on 2009-12-17 10:19
I love Romance by Raulph Lauren. I wore it when I was dating my now husband. So still 5 years later it brings back floods of memories when I have it on.
#15 Kim Mohlman on 2009-12-17 14:45
Irish Spring Bar Soap (Original) all the way. I use the same soap to remind me of him :-)
#16 V on 2009-12-17 15:46
It's kind of odd, but the smell of freshly cut grass and freshly combined corn remind me of my fiancee.. he's a farmer and also mows our lawn, so whenever he comes in he smells like something natural and/or plant-like!
#17 JVH (Homepage) on 2009-12-17 16:23
Whenever my husband is out for days for work, i sleep in one of his recently worn shirts because it makes me feel like he's rught there beside me. And they usually smell like chrome by Azzaro because thats his favorite.
#18 Tahrer Khalil on 2009-12-17 21:20
The fresh scent of soap reminds me of my bf!
#19 l on 2009-12-18 00:32
moondrops was the smell that always linger in my my memories coz that was the smell my husband had on him when he used to return from his office. i used to hug him and close my eyes for some time. sadly now the perfume is not available here. the other one that arouses me and is special to me is jean paul gautier, this was the perfume my husband wore on our honeymoon night and still does when we get close
#20 akshata a gavankar on 2009-12-19 07:15
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