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Off the Rack: Boyfriend Watches at Walmart

This morning I spotted the perfect boyfriend watch at Walmart by George for $19.50 in both gold and silver. It looks a lot like the popular Merona for Target boyfriend watch that I scooped up a couple months ago and have been wearing just about every day since. People ask me about it all the time (including some dude on the train who asked if it was real gold. Um. No.) Target's boyfriend watch was most likely inspired by Michael Kors who was inspired no doubt by retro men's watches which have been around for decades. Look for these watches at a Walmart store near you (I couldn't find them online).
those are nice! I may check them out the next time i'm in walmart.
#1 Niki Cheapskate (Homepage) on 2010-04-07 07:33 (Reply)
I love boyfriend watches. I have a Michael Kors ones, which I unfortuntately neglect to wear. Thanks for the reminder! I must dust it off now:)
#2 Maddy (Homepage) on 2010-04-07 09:04 (Reply)
I love my target boyfriend watch. I feel it's a dead ringer for the Michael Kors!
#3 Amanda Blair (Homepage) on 2010-04-07 09:19 (Reply)
i love my target bf watch! i got two links removed and everyone is always commenting and how gorgeous it is. its started to change color now im going to buy a new one! lol. cheaper than a MK by far...
#4 jillibooboo on 2010-04-07 09:26 (Reply)
oh i like the silver one. i've been meaning to get the one at target for a while too. love it!
#5 cynthia on 2010-04-07 09:52 (Reply)
I like the first style!I want to get it!
#6 demmy (Homepage) on 2010-04-08 03:29 (Reply)
Thanks for this post - I have been looking for an inexpensive boyfriend watch and everytime I went to Target I couldn't find one! But I love this one I went and bought the gold one yesterday -- only I couldn't find it in women's size but I know someone who is a jewler and can take some links off for free!
#7 Paolina on 2010-04-08 06:30 (Reply)
I love big boyfriend watches, I have two of them but those you showed are nice. The silver one especially.
#8 Numi (Homepage) on 2010-04-08 11:33 (Reply)
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