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Win Cool Stuff: Stella & Dot Bardot Spiral Bangle

And the winner is… #50 Tamara! Congrats to our winner and thanks to all who entered!

Win Cool Stuff: Stella & Dot Bardot Bangle

Please note: This giveaway is closed to further entries.

We've teamed up with Stella & Dot stylist Jenny Ratkovich to offer one lucky reader the chance to win this gorgeous Bardot Spiral Bangle, a playfully metallic coil of silver-plated nuggets embellished with a tiny signature heart. This bracelet fits both large and small wrists and sells for $49 at

To enter, visit and check out their amazing assortment of affordable, on-trend jewelry, then tell us what's your favorite piece in the comments section below.

Fan The Budget Babe on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter for one additional entry each (just let us know in your comment.)

UPDATE: Fan Stella & Dot by Jenny Ratkovich on Facebook for an additional entry!

Open to U.S. residents only. Comments must be posted by 12 noon ET on May 26th, 2010, to be eligible to win.

Good luck!
Love - Love - Love the Stella & Dot Colette necklace! Baubles, chains, ribbon - what's not to love? Thanks for this chance to win, BB!
#1 Jessica Merritt (Jessaminute) on 2010-05-19 15:45
Forgot to add I'm a fan on FB & Twitter! :-)
#1.1 Jessica Merritt (Jessaminute) on 2010-05-19 16:03
What's especially great about the Colette is its versatility - can be worn short, long, or the bow tied on the side - so it goes with any neckline or body shape. So glad you love it!
Jenny Ratkovich
#1.2 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 10:34
I love the "colorburst enamel cuff in green/turq." Cool spring and summer colors.
#2 Stef on 2010-05-19 15:47
I ABSOLUTELY love the simplicity of the Penelope necklace in the Maya Brenner designs. So cute for spicing up an everyday outfit!
#3 Than on 2010-05-19 15:55
I adore the Red/Ivory Kelly Cuff. So gorgeous!!
#4 Carrie on 2010-05-19 16:00
Of course I love one of the most expensive pieces:

I am already a fan of you on FB and follow you on Twitter.
#5 Erin Campbell (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 16:02
I'm a huge fan of statement jewelry. I love the "sofia pearl bib necklace"
#6 Marcelle on 2010-05-19 16:03
I love the Bardot spiral bracelet.I hope I win.
#7 Connie on 2010-05-19 16:04
COSTA AZUL WRAP BRACELET - love the double use bracelet or necklace!
#8 jessica (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 16:07
I love the Heirloom Bracelet. I would love to win the Bardot. It is stunning.
#9 Debbie on 2010-05-19 16:09
Loving the Turquoise Sea Drop Earrings cuz I need a pop of color to wear with against a sundress in my closet.
#10 IF on 2010-05-19 16:16
loving the 'signature clover necklace'...a little irish luck!
#11 val on 2010-05-19 16:16
I love their charmed life necklace. Elegant and beautiful.
I am also a fan in Facebook.
#12 Dian on 2010-05-19 16:28
i love the Turquoise Sea Drop Earrings!

i follow you on twitter and am a fan on FB.
#13 Sarah on 2010-05-19 16:32
I LOVE the Charlize Bib necklace... I'm a turquoise lover!!
#14 Vanessa V. on 2010-05-19 16:36
Byblos Chandelier Necklace is so pretty! It's a easily wearable trend of the lucite this spring/summer.

Im following you on twitter
#15 Ariana on 2010-05-19 16:38
Love the stackable deco rings!!! :-)
#16 Erica on 2010-05-19 16:47
Love this necklace! Nothing better than having a necklace that layers itself!

Also, I'm a fan on twitter! Would loveeeee to win this bracelet I absolutely love it!
#17 Haley on 2010-05-19 16:50
I really love the Sofia Cluster Bracelet!

I'm a fan on FB, too :-)
#18 Kim on 2010-05-19 17:04
Oh how to choose... I absolutely love the Kelly necklace in black. Great for a night out or daytime dressy. Love it!
#19 Christina on 2010-05-19 17:05
FAved on facebook and followed on twitter :-)

I'm totally crazy over their cuffs!
#20 Sandra on 2010-05-19 17:06
#21 Nina on 2010-05-19 17:14
I am in love with the Starfish brooch and earrings. They make me think of the ocean.
#22 Janet on 2010-05-19 17:14
Love the Aimee locket necklace. So sweet!
#23 Trude (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 17:16
The pale sea-green fluorite earrings are lovely and subtle. They're my favorite :-)
#24 Vic on 2010-05-19 17:17
I really like the delicate Starfish necklace! So feminine and pretty, not to mention a reminder that summer's practically here!
#25 Stephanie on 2010-05-19 17:23
Really like the Adele Cuff in Silver.
It would fit into my wardrobe perfectly.
#26 Teresa on 2010-05-19 17:24
Well there are so many beautiful things to choose from it is hard to pick. But I love all of the enamel jewelry, especially the Charlize Bib necklace.
#27 Patti on 2010-05-19 17:28
I LOVE the initial charms! I am due soon with my first baby and have been looking for a charm with his initial. I see so many gift giving opportunities, beautiful jewelry!
#28 Lacey on 2010-05-19 17:40

Charmed Life Necklace is prettyful :-)
#29 jalona on 2010-05-19 17:42
#30 Tiffany on 2010-05-19 17:47
I heart the Kelly Necklace!
#31 Rosalyn on 2010-05-19 17:52
The Kelly Necklace is gorgeous!
#32 ellen on 2010-05-19 17:55
love the torquise sea drop earrings.thanks for the giveaway!
#33 alex on 2010-05-19 17:57
I really like the bardot spiral bangle in the above picture and the priya teardrop earrings.

I'm a facebook fan.
#34 Athena on 2010-05-19 18:01
Love the Cortez turquiose & suede necklace
#35 Y. Clark on 2010-05-19 18:06
Funny, I recently entered another Stella & Dot giveaway and selected the Bardot Spiral Bangle as my favorite piece -- It still is!
#36 Tiers of Joy (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 18:19
P.S. I follow you on Twitter via @tiersofjoyblog. :-)
#36.1 Tiers of Joy (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 18:21
the adrienne mixed chain necklace is pretty awesome...seems extremely versatile so i could wear it with all sorts of things!
#37 justginster on 2010-05-19 18:33

love this one! small, delicate, and pretty!

I follow on twitter =)
#38 Seanna on 2010-05-19 18:38
those turqouise sea drop earrings would make any outfit more fun!

love this bracelet, too!
#39 ppp on 2010-05-19 18:41
These silver Starfish Earrings are adorable!

I'm also following you on twitter! (@yamsly) :-)
#40 Yams on 2010-05-19 18:45
Love The Bardot Spiral Bangle, I'm a FB FAN!
#41 Megan (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 18:46
I absolutely loved the Maya Brenner collection. The earrings were classic pieces with a nice, interesting twist. I think my favorite piece was actually the Penelope necklace. It was simply gorgeous.
#42 amanda on 2010-05-19 18:57
I love the Devi Bangles Silver. I'm very simple when it comes to jewelry so that would go great in my daily wardrobe!
#43 cynthia on 2010-05-19 19:17
I'm lovin' the Jasmine Filigree Earrings in gold.
#44 Lea on 2010-05-19 19:19
The La CoCo Brooch Necklace just might have my name on it. No, my name is not CoCo. ;-)

#45 Danie on 2010-05-19 19:25
I love the Bardot spiral bracelet!
#46 Zeinab on 2010-05-19 19:29
I love the Priya Ruby Ring. I can't have enough jewelry in purple. It plays so nicely with my green eyes.
#47 Sarah on 2010-05-19 19:35
I have the same idea that I absolutely loved the Maya Brenner collection. The earrings were classic pieces with a nice, interesting twist.
#48 Cool stuff (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 19:41
My favorite piece is the Natasha Embroidered Bib Necklace. I've been looking for a statement necklace for a while, and this one is just great!
I'm also a fan of BB on Facebook.
#49 v4ever on 2010-05-19 19:46
I love a lot of their jewelry but I really LOVE the Sayulita Statement Necklace!

I'm a follower of your blog and just because a Twitter follower and a FB fan, so 3 entries for me please :-)
#50 Tamara (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 19:50
Mine too! I wear it all the time because it MAKES the outfit. All of the embroidery is done in the same couture house that embroiders for Prada, Lanvin, Dior, Jason Wu, and other fabulous labels.
Follow me on Facebook for more great looks!
Stella & Dot Sylist, Jenny Ratkovich
#50.1 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 00:12
I LOVE the Goa Pendant Earrings:

classic shape, but the turquoise beads and yellow droplet make it a pair of statement earrings without looking like you're trying too hard :-)
#51 Soup on 2010-05-19 20:04
I really love the Gemma Rings Necklace, so many colors, you could pair it with anything.

I'm also a fan on FB and a follower on Twitter. :-)
#52 Jessica on 2010-05-19 20:04
I love the saveena flower ring, so pretty
#53 nohemy on 2010-05-19 20:20
La Coco Brooch Necklace-Silver
#54 Tara (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 20:33
twitter follower
#55 Tara (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 20:34
I'm loving those mira stone stud earrings in lemon :-)
#56 Andrea on 2010-05-19 20:34
How do you pick a favorite?! It's all wonderful! Two of my favorites are the Sofia pearl bib necklace and the boca pearl bee necklace. Love the little girl stuff for my little one, as well!
#57 Maritza on 2010-05-19 20:45
ok. 1. LOVE this site.
2. i am in love with the Jasmine Filigree earrings (in gold).

And i'm totally already a fan on fb! :-)
#58 Alice (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 20:47
I love the "Pearl & Leather bracelet" and "Signature & Scallop leather bracelet" equally!
So unique and chic! There are some really great, fresh designs on Stella & Dot.
#59 Kate on 2010-05-19 20:48
The Signature Scallop Leather Bracelet is my everyday piece and is one of my bestsellers! So glad you love it too!
#59.1 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 00:04
I love the Bloom Flower Ring in Ivory
#60 MissAlesha on 2010-05-19 21:20
I love the Signature Clover Cuff in Silver! Thanks for introducing me to the site!
#61 Mary Beth on 2010-05-19 21:47
awesome giveaway!!

I love the lucky 7 rings!! and so many of the bracelets. :-)

p/s: i am a follower on twitter as well~
#62 Edda (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 21:47
My favorite is the Sofia cluster bracelet:-) Thanks for the giveaway!
#63 Laura on 2010-05-19 22:09
My fav is the jasmine filagree necklace in silver. it's lovely!
#64 jackie on 2010-05-19 22:37
A fan on FB :-)
Favorite item from Stella & Dot is the BEE BROOCH! Love the glass beads on the bee brooch.
#65 Stephanie on 2010-05-19 22:51
love the spiral bracelet, am a fan on fb :-)
#66 leiah on 2010-05-19 23:04
Really love the Aimee locket necklace
#67 brandi on 2010-05-19 23:14
I'm so happy to see everyone loving Stella & Dot!
#68 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 23:21
This Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace is beautiful! (
Definitely something I'm considering for my wedding :-)
I'm also following you on twitter and liked your fb page!
#69 Donna (Homepage) on 2010-05-19 23:31
I love the Bloom Flower Ring. Especially in Coral!

Plus I'm a fan on FB!
#70 Angela on 2010-05-19 23:37
my favorite are the Stackable Rings. So cute!
#71 carmen on 2010-05-19 23:40
Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace is my Fav!
#72 jennie on 2010-05-19 23:55
I just adore the Together Forever Necklace from the bridal collection. It's so romantic and classic.

(Already a follower on Facebook and Twitter)
#73 Sarah Sosa on 2010-05-20 00:16
The stackable band rings. I love the bangle bracelets but they're really not practical...always getting in the way, noisy, getting in your now I can have bangles...on my fingers :-)
#74 Jessica Smith on 2010-05-20 00:37
I love the Happy Flowers Necklace!
#75 bunnyb on 2010-05-20 02:03
FB Fan (bunnyb baxter)
#76 bunnyb on 2010-05-20 02:12
Twitter follower @bunnyb
#77 bunnyb on 2010-05-20 02:15
All of their jewelry is fabulous but I love the pearl drop earrings.
#78 LuAnn Bowers on 2010-05-20 04:36
There were so many great pieces of jewelry it was hard to pick just one :-)
#79 Iris (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 04:43
I love her flower rings....they are so colorful and perfect for summer :-)
#80 Jackie on 2010-05-20 06:17
the Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace,
the Bardot Spiral Bracelet &
the Ava Cupchain Earrings.

These 3 pieces are classic & can be used to build upon.

i'm a FB fan too!
#81 concetta on 2010-05-20 06:34
Costa Azul Wrap Bracelet is beautiful. It was such a hard decision looking at all of the amazing jewelry.
#82 Cari on 2010-05-20 06:46
I am loving the Goa Pendant Earrings! So fun!
#83 Whitney on 2010-05-20 07:38
The site has many awesome items, But I love Bracelets! and even though the beads and Gems and the incrediable designs there are I actually Love this Bracelet~ BARDOT SPIRAL BRACELT~
is silver and its a wrap and dainty..I live it
#84 Donna on 2010-05-20 07:46
I also Facebooked this site for others to see.
The site has many awesome items, But I love Bracelets! and even though the beads and Gems and the incrediable designs there are I actually Love this Bracelet~ BARDOT SPIRAL BRACELT~
is silver and its a wrap and dainty..
I love it #83 Donna on 2010-05-20 07:46 (Reply) k
#85 Donna on 2010-05-20 07:50
The Heirloom Deco Bracelet is to die for!
#86 Sarah on 2010-05-20 07:52
I really like the Happy Flowers necklace. Very nice!
#87 Jessica on 2010-05-20 08:01
I love the signature clover cuff in silver!
#88 Ashley B on 2010-05-20 08:12
I love the Colette Necklace in silver. It's so much fun!
#89 Samantha on 2010-05-20 08:14
I love the Costa Azul Wrap Bracelet!
#90 barbara on 2010-05-20 08:20
Stella and Dot is one of my favorite brands! I saw their samples at a shopping event last winter and fell in love. My favorite pieces are the stackable rings. I have the ruby and I'm looking to expand.

Great giveaway!
#91 Emily (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 08:37
I actually love the Bardot Spiral Bangle that you are giving away. It's perfect dressed up or dressed down!
#92 Jenna on 2010-05-20 08:48
I love the idea of combining the Inspiration, Initial, and Birthstone charms in a necklace. Sweet site. Thanks for the giveaway!
#93 Clara on 2010-05-20 08:57
I love love love the Bardot......It's my favorite.
#94 Karla Jackson on 2010-05-20 09:04
Such cute stuff, my favorite is the cortez necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!
#95 shopfreak on 2010-05-20 09:06
I love the Starfish Earrings, but this bangle is fantastic. I'd love to own it!!!
#96 Kira on 2010-05-20 09:13
Fell in love with the stackable rings!!
#97 elizabeth u on 2010-05-20 09:27
Love the Collette necklace
#98 qtest on 2010-05-20 09:57
Initial Charms! Adorable and delicate!
#99 Katie on 2010-05-20 10:29
The Lily Flower Earring are so cute!!
#100 Tahrer Khalil on 2010-05-20 10:52
LOVE this necklace! Great for the summer!
#101 Kathy on 2010-05-20 10:54
#102 rebecca on 2010-05-20 11:15
In all honestly the Bardot Spiral Bangle is my favorite! It's so pretty and practical and I love that it can be dressed up with a cocktail dress or worn on an everyday basis with a cute top and jeans. I look for beautiful versatility in the jewelery I select and this bangle bracelet fits that description to the T!
#103 Ayla on 2010-05-20 11:53
I LOVE the Goa Pendant Necklace. In fact, I'm wearing it right now! I just got it in the mail yesterday and have already received many compliments. :-)
#104 Cindy on 2010-05-20 11:56
I love the "Together Forever" necklace from the bridal collection. The gold and silver compliment each other so well! A classic, everyday piece that will never go out of style!
#105 Keslie on 2010-05-20 12:09
I love the flower coral ring. But, wow! All of their jewelry is so fun and I'm so glad I know about it now! Thank you!
#106 Shelley Sweet on 2010-05-20 12:15
I love the "Charlize Bib Necklace." Turquoise is so beautiful. It can make an elegant statement or be bold with a casual outfit.
#107 Jocelyn on 2010-05-20 12:29
LOVE the artemus stone necklace - what a gorgeous piece! This is truly what a statement necklace is and could turn the simplest items into a stunning outfit. Thanks for the chance to win!
#108 Benita on 2010-05-20 12:38
bold and classy
#109 Stacy on 2010-05-20 12:50
LOVE LOVE LOVE this flower ring!
#110 Michelle on 2010-05-20 12:50
I saw the update on getting an extra entry through Facebook, so I did that today. I wasn't sure if I'm supposed to comment here about it to get my extra entry?
#111 Janet on 2010-05-20 13:03
Sorry I was unclear, I will count this comment as an additional entry! Thx.
#111.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-05-20 16:05
to pick one ...
ok Latte Earrings
#112 Rebecca Jones on 2010-05-20 13:27
i loved all their jewelry! my favorite however is the garden party necklace! so fun and feminine. love it!
#113 Gretchen (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 13:37
oh and i fanned BB on fb =)
#113.1 Gretchen (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 13:39
Turquoise Sea Necklace!! fave
#114 erykah on 2010-05-20 14:00
Erykah, that's one of my all-time Stella & Dot favorites too! I sell a lot of those because they are utterly fabulous and amazing quality!
#114.1 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 16:37
I think the treasure trio necklace is gorgeous!
#115 jasmine (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 15:47
the first thing I saw on this page was the turquoise! I remember a few years ago this was in style, and I'm super psyched to see it again, cause I love the look.

Even though this necklace isn't my typical style, I'm rather drawn to it:
#116 Justine on 2010-05-20 16:26
I'm a big fan of the Ava cupchain necklace.
#117 Alexis on 2010-05-20 17:27
Anything from the Palm Beach line, in particular the necklace with starfish!
#118 Beth (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 17:33
the Cross Stamp Necklace is so unusual and beautiful
#119 Cyndi on 2010-05-20 18:48
Our Cypress Bangle is featured in June's InStyle!
#120 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 19:02
I am already a fan of BB on facebook!
#121 Maria on 2010-05-20 19:03
I fanned S&D on facebook.
#122 Maria on 2010-05-20 19:04
I love the Palm Necklace w/ Starfish!
#123 Maria on 2010-05-20 19:05
I think the Love Script Necklace is super cute! I just become a fan on Facebook and a twitter follower! (@mamyjo)
#124 Amy on 2010-05-20 19:07
I love the gold Stella vintage link bracelet!!
#125 Roslyn on 2010-05-20 19:44
I adore Stella&Dot! Their site is full of eye candy. My favorite piece is the Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace!
#126 Samantha Bender (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 19:50
The starfish earrings in silver! I love turquoise :o).
#127 Claudia H. on 2010-05-20 20:59
I love the Silver Fringe Hoope earrings.
#128 Nicole Q on 2010-05-20 20:59
I follow The Budget Babe on Twitter - Nicoleq73.
#129 Nicole Q on 2010-05-20 21:00
Colette Necklace- Silver- LOVE IT!!!
I am also a fan of bb on facebook and of stella and dot
#130 Erin Courville on 2010-05-20 21:09
love this white flower brooch, it would spice up any blazer look.
#130.1 Lena G on 2010-05-20 21:25
Lena, I wore this today! It also looks amazing when pinned onto the Cascading Chain Necklace:
Sounds random, but it really does look good!
Jenny Ratkovich
#130.1.1 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-20 22:22
I love the Cortez Cuff & Boca Necklace w. bee brooch! They're so colorful :-)
#131 Kat on 2010-05-20 22:36
The Charmed Life Necklace! I like foliage/leaf/nature designs in my jewlery!
#132 cheryl lynn on 2010-05-21 00:40
I love the TOGETHER FOREVER NECKLACE! delicate necklaces are my favorite :-D
#133 styleezta (Homepage) on 2010-05-21 01:31
I really love the stackable rings! They go well in threes or alone!

PS. I became a fan of you on FB
#134 Diana on 2010-05-21 01:52
Palm necklace with the starfish! the starfish is just too cute
#135 Mary on 2010-05-21 01:53
garden party earrings for my fav :-)
#136 sandra on 2010-05-21 01:53
Signature Clover Cuff- Silver is so cute
#137 carolyn on 2010-05-21 01:58
I really like everything but I think my favorite has to be the Aimee locket necklace
#138 Ming on 2010-05-21 02:29
The Bloom Flower Necklace in red.... lovely.
#139 Kassie on 2010-05-21 09:34
I love all the Turquoise jewelry and love the beaded turquoise necklace!
#140 Molly on 2010-05-21 09:58
The Kelly necklace in Ivory Pearl is to die for.
#141 Emilia on 2010-05-21 10:06
#142 jesse Merchant on 2010-05-21 12:37
I recently bought the Natasha at a Stella and Dot party and I am in LOVE! So versatile. I get a compliment every where I go in it.

#143 Becca Christensen (Homepage) on 2010-05-21 14:29
The Stella Vintage Link Bracelet is my favorite. I wish it came in silver too!
#144 Deb on 2010-05-21 15:16
I love the Turquoise Sea necklace.
#145 Missus Claus on 2010-05-21 15:18
the Soiree Earrings are cute!
#146 Julie H on 2010-05-21 15:54
The Stella dot website is so helpful.
This is the first time I have come across a website which shows multiple pictures of an item. Bravo!

I'm in love with the Boca Necklace with Bee Brooch.
My second fave is the Priya Teardrop Pendant Necklace.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway, and thanks for introducing me to this website!
#147 Supriya Ramaswamy on 2010-05-22 02:14
I totally agree about how great it is to have multiple pictures! Some of the products also have videos to show the best ways to style them. The Boca Bee is incredibly versatile - long, short, choker, with our without the bee brooch, and can interchange the bee for the ivory flower brooch (sold separately). Each season they are going to introduce new brooches for the La Coco collection, Boca Bee, and Starfish necklaces!
#147.1 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-05-22 10:02
I LOVE all their jewelry. One of my favs is the Uma silk wrap necklace. So cute!
#148 Courtney on 2010-05-22 06:45
I love all the Devi and Mira bangle sets.
#149 Leah on 2010-05-22 12:52
My fave is the Sofia black and silver cluster ring.. so fun.
#150 Karen on 2010-05-22 16:16
I really like the Bardot spiral bracelet.
#151 Tatiana on 2010-05-22 18:56
I love the Signature Clover Chandelier earrings!
#152 Shelby on 2010-05-22 20:16
My favorite is the Soiree earrings...
#153 Jodie on 2010-05-23 03:55
I like the Gemma Stone Hoop Necklace.
FB like Stella&Dot-tracey byram
FB like The Budget Babe-tracey byram
Twitter follower-traymona
#154 Tracey Byram on 2010-05-23 08:45
The Colette necklace is gorgeous!
#155 Jennifer on 2010-05-23 09:40
I love the clover cuff!!!!!
#156 Lauren on 2010-05-23 11:02
What a delightful bracelet prize giveaway contest! I love many of
their jewelry creations...
One of my favorites is the "Starfish"
Many thanks, Cindi
#157 Cindi on 2010-05-23 18:58
I am a fan of The Budget Babe on
Again, many thanks...Cindi
#158 Cindi on 2010-05-23 19:01
Also, I follow you on Twitter!
Merci, Cindi
#159 Cindi on 2010-05-23 19:03
I follow you on Twitter.
Merci, Cindi
#160 Cindi on 2010-05-23 19:05
I am a fan of Stella & Dot by Jenny Ratkovich on Facebook.
Thanks, Cindi
#161 Cindi on 2010-05-23 19:07
Treasure Trio Necklace is the coolest!
#162 KGP on 2010-05-23 20:01
Love the Gilda Links Earrings in Vermeil: balance a square face, elongates a heart-shaped face and looks awesome for an oval face.
#163 Martha Lu on 2010-05-23 23:47
I love love love the palm necklace w/ the starfish! I would wear that one every day in the summer!

I follow you on twitter & facebook & I am going to go fan Stella & Dot by Jenny Ratkovich right now!!
#164 Rachel on 2010-05-24 09:06
The "Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet" is exquisite, and the "Boca Necklace with Bee Brooch -- Coral/Gold" would be perfect for summer
#165 julia on 2010-05-24 18:36
I'm a fan of Stella & Dot by Jenny Ratkovich on Facebook (bunnyb baxter)
#166 bunnyb on 2010-05-25 05:01
Soo many to choose! I think the Palm Necklace w/ Starfish- Silver is my fav!
#167 Kay (Homepage) on 2010-05-25 07:24
Lovin' the Garden Party Necklace. How cool would it look with a bleezy white summer dress!
#168 Jamie on 2010-05-25 22:21
i am a fan on facebook already and on twitter!
#169 janet on 2010-05-26 01:43
I am totally in love with the Colette Necklace-Silver (found here- I love that it's big and bold and would dress up a tee in an instant. Also, I'm a big fan of classic pearls as well as the more edgy chains, so the 2 together is a definate yes for me!
#170 Britney on 2010-05-26 11:00
the cascading chain neckace is perfect!!!
#171 michelle brady (Homepage) on 2010-05-26 11:11
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