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5 Under $50: Scalloped Details

From left: Two looks from the Spring 2009 Chloe runway; Actress Chloe Sevigny in Chloe scalloped shorts

There's something irresistible about scalloped edges, a whimsical petal-like detail that works on everything from shoes to shorts. Add some to your wardrobe with one of the following 5 scalloped fashion finds under $50!

1. Love21 Shimmer Scalloped Dress, $27.80 at

2. Gap Scalloped Edge Top, $38.89 at

3. Lucca Couture Chiffon Scallop Short (available in 3 colors), $48 at

4. Sand Pail Cover-Up, sale $19.95 at

5. Seychelles Scallop Heel Boot, sale $49.99 at

I went to the UO site to get the shoes but they don't have many sizes left :-( They're gorgeous, though!
#1 Amber (Homepage) on 2010-06-30 13:55 (Reply)
If you really want it, they are also at Endless, but they're $110. :-( I agree though, they are beautiful!
#1.1 Emily on 2010-06-30 14:17 (Reply)
Oops, forgot to mention-they are the "Seychelles Mamie Bootie"
#1.1.1 Emily on 2010-06-30 14:18 (Reply)
Sorry about that, they have a big sale going on so things are moving fast!
#1.2 The Budget Babe on 2010-06-30 18:02 (Reply)
Budgetbabe you read my mind! i have been soo obsessed with scalloped detailing lately especially the shorts! so gorgeous. emily from cupcakes and cashmere wore these

but they are quite pricey - especially if you take into account international shipping

i would suggest DIY-

or etsy

also forever21 has a scalloped short but it's quite unattractive.
#2 Catherine Gao on 2010-06-30 20:31 (Reply)
I love the Forever 21 dress! I can't believe how cheap it is, definately looks more expensive. Hopefully more stores will continue on with the affordable philosophy of stores like Forever 21. Here's a great article about the new retail business strategies:
#3 Laura (Homepage) on 2010-07-01 15:44 (Reply)
I've seen scalloped shorts lately on other bloggers and now it's been stuck in my mind! It's such a sweet, whimsical detail that really brings to mind warm afternoons lazing under a tree.
#4 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2010-07-03 13:12 (Reply)
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