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Four Sequin Tees: Would You Wear One?

Vince's Sequin Wedge Tee has me swooning but it's $295 at So I started looking for some more affordable options...

Option 1: This sequin tee from Forever 21 is just $26 and its available in blue, peachy pink or silver. I like the length but I'm unsure about the neckline.

Option 2: Delia's Mariah Sequin Tee doesn't boast all-over sequins but the sequins look luxe (at least in the product pic) and the fit is relaxed. At $34.50, it seems like a win.

Option 3: The Limited has a version of the sequin tee for $49.90. It looks a little tight but I might be able to size up and still make it work.

The Limited at ShopStyle

Option 4: And finally, this oversized sequin tunic from Spiegel is a little pricey at $89, but the cut makes it look more fashion-y than some of the other options. Hmmm...

Which would you wear (if any)?
OOOO super cute. I'd wear either The Limited or Spiegel. I can see the one from The Limited under my black pin-stripe suit as a little sparkle.
#1 TexNYQueen on 2010-11-12 09:11 (Reply)
Sigh. The Vince one is the only version that really appeals. Of course, I was just thinking last night that my thrifted sequin tee and tank NEVER get worn!
#2 Sally (Homepage) on 2010-11-12 10:12 (Reply)
If I'm being perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't wear one -- Just a bit too flashy for me and my lifestyle (not to mention location ... pretty sure Denverites would look at me like I had 2 heads). Of the options you've shown here, though, I'd go with the Spiegel option; it definitely looks the most expensive, but this is one of those styles that's hard to replicate well!
#3 Katie (Homepage) on 2010-11-12 10:30 (Reply)
The Vince one or the Spiegel one for sure! I've been wanting to try a look like this for a while now. :-)
#4 Anusha (Homepage) on 2010-11-12 11:33 (Reply)
I like the Delias one and would totally wear it :-)
#5 Kellie (Homepage) on 2010-11-12 21:00 (Reply)
I'd wear the Delia's and Spiegel... they'd look okay even if you're not the skinny type.
#6 Elnz (Homepage) on 2010-11-13 00:02 (Reply)
I love the Vince one... none of the others seem to have that drape. Express carries a sleeveless one too with a great drape and they come in 4 different shades as well.
#7 tot stylist (Homepage) on 2010-11-13 02:37 (Reply)
I Love the Vince one but--and I can't believe I'm saying this--I'm a little over all the sequins!
Magpie Style;
#8 Tracey (Homepage) on 2010-11-13 07:44 (Reply)
Definitely the last one... I don't really like the white trim though but it's a bit more festive. Too bad Vince is so pricey, it's fabulous!
#9 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2010-11-13 15:19 (Reply)
I love sequin tees; I have picked up a few at thrift stores. I love wearing them with cutoff denim shorts (jorts if you will) and a jacket. I can't say I'd wear it to church or the lab but I think if you keep the rest of the outfit more casual it's a cute look during the day.
#10 sobriquet on 2010-11-15 12:50 (Reply)
The last one..looks great with the belt! :-)
#11 Cristal on 2010-11-15 18:53 (Reply)
if the occasion is special enough, the VINCE top is the deal! You'll look good, you'll feel good & you'll be eye candy for the entire evening. GO VINCE!
#12 jeanette on 2010-11-23 15:12 (Reply)
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