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Spot the Real: Steve Madden 'Bevv' Blush Heels

One of the sky-high nude platform pumps below costs $99.95 - the other costs less than one-third as much but looks just as sexy. Can you guess which is which? Click either image to find out!

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

Mossimo at ShopStyle

I am already the proud owner of these shoes!!! Could you put some cute looks ideas together for them?
#1 Jaleesa on 2011-02-13 22:39 (Reply)
I find that cheaper shoes, especially heels like these, cause blisters and pain (especially under the ankle) much more than a shoe made of, I don't know, better material? I had some adorable blue "python" heels that just tore my feet up right under the ankles to the point i couldn't wear them, I gave them away. I guess it depends on the shoe? Expensive ones can cause pain too, I'm sure, but digging into my skin the way those did? Maybe it was just that one pair... Has any one else had this experience?
#2 Michelle on 2011-02-14 20:28 (Reply)
Just ordered a pair from Target!! They are so cute and it just doesn't get more affordable than that!! Thank you for posting this!!! Love your blog, I read it everyday :-)
#3 Jessica @ Dishin' About Nutrition (Homepage) on 2011-02-15 22:45 (Reply)
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