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Off the Rack: July Highlights at Kmart

A few days ago I popped into a Kmart store in New York City to check out what was new (and to cool off from the exhausting heat). I found some of the most agreeable fashions near the entrance from Route 66. This brand is targeted towards teens, but there were a lot of cute tees, tanks, shorts, jeans and pants priced under $20 that anyone could work into their wardrobe. I liked a striped neutral tank with neon lace detailing and a dark-denim jean jacket, a great wardrobe staple. Moving on, I saw some cute blouses, skirts and dresses from the Attention and Apostophe lines. I really wanted to buy some printed shorts and a colorful romper (you see them so often in the city, it's kinda contagious) but I had an event to attend and I didn't want to show up with an armful of shopping bags. Next time! Click through for more photos. Anything catch your eye?

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in addition to Kmart...Walmart has awesome staples as well! If you're looking for a solid pair of black leggings..ones that won't fall off your bottom or rip...they have them for $5.50! I personally like them better than Forever 21's. Walmart also has the OP collection, where I got $6 top/bottom solid color bathing suits!

just thought I would share my secret love with Walmart with you :p
#1 Lexi (Homepage) on 2011-07-26 22:01 (Reply)
I have been getting most of my maternity clothes at Kmart. They seem to be the cutest ones I can find at good prices that are actually nice quality. I have been really impressed walking through the different departments.
#2 JennyO (Homepage) on 2011-07-26 23:27 (Reply)
Thank you so much for showing some cute clothes you found at Kmart! I don't normally shop at Kmart but now I'm excited to go take a look at their clothes. I really like the jean jacket and plan to buy one as soon as I can. I read your blog everyday and my favorite part is when you visit stores and show us the good deals you find. Its like having my own personal shopper at discount stores.
#3 Jennifer Robbins on 2011-07-27 05:20 (Reply)
Thanks for the feedback. The jean jacket looked really good and no one would ever guess it came from Kmart. I feel like I haven't been shopping as much lately because of the heat and I've been busy planning my September wedding but I'm glad you enjoy my shopping trips, I'll try to do them more often! Definitely more planned for the fall, that's for sure...
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2011-07-27 08:52 (Reply)
I have some great pieces I bought at Kmart last year. As a stay at home mom who wants to look put together, they offer some great options! Love the blouses!
#4 Klaudia on 2011-07-27 06:09 (Reply)
wow, adorable! I could totally snag about 3/4 of what you showed. haven't been in kmart in a while and have been thinking about going. this might be the push i needed. thanks, bb! xo
#5 alyson (Homepage) on 2011-07-27 08:26 (Reply)
LOVE the Kmart finds! I want that printed bow blouse!
#6 My Dressy Ways (Homepage) on 2011-07-27 09:11 (Reply)
Great looks. I haven't been to Kmart in a long while but your finds make me want to go and purchase it all - especially the military ruffle jacket and the tanks...
#7 Elle on 2011-07-27 10:38 (Reply)
I want that grey dress! I haven't been to my local K-Mart lately but now I think I might need to...
#8 Sara (Homepage) on 2011-07-27 11:48 (Reply)
I was just in KMart and I was surprised to see cute items. I didn't bother to browse around, because I was embarassed. Shopping in Kmart?! Maybe I'll work up the nerve to go shopping and let the stigma go.
#9 Liah on 2011-07-27 13:14 (Reply)
I love that orange and gray tank that has the lace stripe. Good finds! It reminds me of this:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=145&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_APP_CAMIS&popId=W_TOPS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=
#10 Rivers (Homepage) on 2011-07-27 19:59 (Reply)
When you said Kmart, I didn't think I would like anything but I really like some of those Attention tops! Unfortunately the Kmart in my town closed :-(
#11 Nikki (Homepage) on 2011-07-29 01:46 (Reply)
Wow! I did not realize Kmart had all that going on. Great post and very insightful
#12 monique (Homepage) on 2011-08-12 14:18 (Reply)
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